#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


Fk me, he could be absolutely elite in the next couple of years.


For a bloke from Winch, goes alright


He was great in the 1st quarter and then 4th. Was he played in the middle in the 2nd quarter? It did not appear so. If so it is a big coaching error.


BOG for mine, for us obviously.

21 touches, 14 contested.

Had 2 possessions in the 2nd and 2 possessions in the 3rd.

Once he gets more consistency over 4 quarters he will be our inside bull.


Gleeson was BOG for me, but Parish second BOG.


i agree


Brilliant game by darce, somewhat masked by the fact we lost.


Pretty sad that a 20 year old is the one trying to inspire your midfield in a final.

He was great today.

Will be an amazing player for many years.


He was great.


was very good today


Sad when you have Heppell and Zerrett in your midfield and a second year player part timing from the HFF is your best mid for the day.


Well done Darcy, you look like you are developing into one hell of a player. Best player today easily.

Hold your head high.


Made for finals. Really impressed


Lead the team for contested possessions and clearances.

Should be in our starting three in the guts from round 1 next year.


Was great today, keep him in the middle


Parish, Zerrett and McGrath. Rotate through Heppell, Langford, Raz, Tippa, Zakka, Mutch (hopefully) and TBA Big Fish. Maybe the future isn’t all that bad.


Could’ve had all of that this year.


He was good.


Should of…

Mutch should have played when Howlett did!

Darcy is top 4 midfielder at the club. Gonna be a star/is a star


He will be AA next year. Strength and size is the only thing he lacks atm.

So much quality.