#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


Dont expect an all conquering midfield next year.,

These kids are becoming more mature and match hardened and will be the basis of our midfield in years to come. We have to stick with them, even though initially we may lose a few games while getting games into them.


Repeat efforts yesterday, never ceased to scrap hardcore against the hardest midfield in the comp. Gotta admire that.

While some guys have looked pretty spent at times over the past 4-6 weeks, this kid has really come home with a wet sail. I’d say he’s been our most consistent over that period too. Has missed a total of six games (out of 45) so far in his career, plenty to like about this kid.


I midfield will definitely be better next year, just by switching to our youngsters, even if we don’t trade anyone in. I still hope we trade someone in!


Can we instaban this?


Any chance to get his bro(S)?


If you were angry at the teams kicking skills as a whole this year, you’d be firmly in the no camp.

for cassidy.


Pleasing thing was he was comfortable with finals level intensity - Probably didn’t get full value for his possessions but that will come with experience. The least of our problems.


After last year, even with the returning players, why did he spend most of the year on a ■■■■■■■ HFF? Particularly when we were crying out for blokes in the midfield who could win clearances and contested footy.

Wasted a year of development.


Who’s Oliver?

Ok, I’d take both, but Darcy is going to go up a gear next year. I am looking forward to those slick hands of his and McGrath dishing out hand balls and weaving through congestion.


He is a really good player. This is the type of kid who wins finals.

He will be a revelation in 2018.


One of the few positives to come out of the loss. Will be good for him knowing he can mix it with the best in a crunch match, against a crunch midfield



If he isn’t played permanently in the guts next year it will be a big black mark against woosh for mine.

For anyone who can stomach it id be interested to know how many times parish went to a stopagge in the first quarter vs the second quarter


I thought the final was Darcy’s best game of the year. It reminded me of the 2016 game against North when he cut loose in the second half.
I was expecting more from Darcy this year, given his 2016 was excellent. People who are better at picking up the tactics in games may be able to confirm or deny this, but I felt he was given a number of run with roles over the course of the season. I thought this was done as part of his development.
We will be definitely looking to Darcy to be part of the main midfield group in 2018. If he can consistently do what he did last weekend across the season, then all the doom and gloom currently on this board should evaporate.


Has he signed yet


This is all good but is he better than Oliver?

(Am I doing it right?)


Good question.


Yes some time ago for 2 more years.


Had a very good first year and thrived on the responsibility. Really solid second season after being played in slightly different role.

Has the scope to make the biggest leap next season for mine. Will thrive on being in the heat of the battle each week.


From Parish’s instagram. Very significant contributions in the comments from TBC, Jonathon Simpkin, Sam Grimley & the inimitable Rhys Mathieson.