#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


Expecting a huge year from Parish.


Darc reminds a bit of Steve Beaumont back in the 70’s. Wore number 3, same size, loved getting into it and flying the flag.


Has identified what he needs to do to improve and take the next step forward. Fully professional, you have to love that. He will become a serious weapon in the EFC arsenal, and the rest of the league will sit up and take notice.


Looks taller to me - I reckon 184cm or so.

Will be as good as Luke Parker, I can see so many similarities.


More agile than Luke atm I reckon.


Played 20 games in both 2016 and 2017. Parish increased his PAV (hpnfooty.com) score from 9.13 to 11.34, with a fairly even increase in all three areas (def, off, and mid). He was according to PAV, the slightest of margins less valuable for us than Watson, and our 11th most valuable contributor overall.

I like the Parker comparison, who had a PAV score of 7.98 in his second year. Parker, however hit his stride massively in his 3rd (~15 PAV) and 4th seasons (bonafide elite with a PAV of >20)

Parish is tracking beautifully, but the third season is where we can expect to see the real benefits of the AFL program to start paying dividends. Personally, I think it is his development more than any other single player that will influence our rise up the ladder in 2018.


I hope could also become a good aerialist like parker is


I sooooo love the end of this: “who’s this piece of trash coming my way?”


Maybe - but Luke is a far superior player to Darcy atm.

Here’s hoping he can become something like him.




Agree with BBB. Darcy is a key for us in 2018

Darcy is in our top 3 clearance and contested possession players going forward. Thats a 20 year old 180 cm kid. Is that a credit to Darcy, or indicative of the paucity of this style of player at the club ?

Jobe was way below his best in 2017, but he was still top 2 in clearances and contested play in a year when we played final(s).

Darcy simply must play either as an inside mid, or on the bench in 2018. we dont need him playing in the forward line, we need him to help fill the massive hole left in the middle by Jobes retirement.


Darcy will become a core mid for us. I hope he plays in the middle ahead of Stringer and Smith as he will be better than them in their. When left in the midfield in 2016 in his first year he handled the rough and tumble just fine over a whole season. He is stronger now and will blossom this year now the older players have moved on.

Our core midfield going forward should be: Heppell, Merrett, Parish and McGrath. Others can rotate through but its with these guys for mine.


Ya gotta have zaka in there. Last year was almost better than his bnf year imo


I agree with you WOB, I thought that Zaka really came good. I was pleased because after the first couple of games I thought that he was trade bait, that the change of club might work for both parties. Glad he proved me wrong.


we need Parish to be the best all round footballer he can be… that means developing the areas of his game that aren’t that strong as well using his obvious strengths. The year on the half forward line will be invaluable for his development.


I’d like to know stats on how many centre bounces he attended or see a map of his 2016 possessions versus his 2017 possessions.
Some people talk like he played heaps of midfield in 2016. I’m convinced he played more this year. It’s just easier to remember from 2016 because when he was in there he stood out more


He was definitely not used in centre bounces as often as 2016.

I don’t know how to find the heat map and I can’t find an exact number on how many centre bounces he started in but I can tell you he had 19 centre bounce clearances in 2017 compared to 27 in 2016 which is fairly significant and would indicate he was not in there as often.


He was also forced to do a lot more in his first year at centre bounces due to the chook farm midfield we ran. He was always gonna spend less time with Heppell, Watson and Myers coming back.

I think you’ll see him play a lot more through the guts next season though.


I have been watching the season and he seemed to be playing a lot across the halfback area as a target to deliver the ball forward, perhaps he was being coached in defensive tactics.


I agree with this. I also think he was given a couple of run with roles to give him experience on what it takes to be an elite player.