#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


My favourite player except Conor.


Maybe. Mids run 12-14 km in a game. eg. Zaka plays as an outside mid, right?
Just check how often he runs down to the back pocket to mark kickins. High half forwards regularly run to the HBF to get involved in chains coming out of defence. Darcy played both roles at times.


I’m hoping for big things from him. Working on his endurance must benefit him greatly, but quite apart from that he’s put some real beef on his upper body. I think we noticed him more in 2016 because it was his first year and he surprised us from game 1. In 2017 he seemed to start a bit slowly, but he soon picked up and was one of the players who really stood up all year, even when we were getting beaten.

If he improves again this year he’ll be approaching top level.


He didn’t completely ■■■■ his daks under any high balls, which was a big improvement.



Strange post. Can’t recall this being an issue in 2016.


I’m nervous about him.
I’m sure he played the role(s) he was given in 2017, but he showed very, very few of the glimpses that made me think he could be an absolute gun in 2016.
Whether that’s down to the so-called second year blues, or a change of role, or something else, I dunno.

Edit: And I guess what I mean by that is that in 2016, when there was a turnover and we went forward, he would find space and on the attacking side. Good players get a couple of metres on their opponents. Parish somehow found ten, and not hiding down the boundary line but in the most dangerous possible places.
He just didn’t do that last year.
I’m sure he improved on all his kpi’s, but for mine that’s a terrible thing to lose.


He is a mid, not a flanker. The returning players farked our development this year. Parish will be a starting mid next year.


I sorta agree with what you’re saying in regards to the season as whole, but I thought he showed plenty in the final, when far more experienced teammates showed absolutely fark all.

Led the team for clearances (8, same as Josh Kennedy) and contested possessions on a day where those two things deserted the rest of the team.

He’s wasted playing anywhere but in the guts, imo.


Agree with this. I thought all year we saw the best of him when he played mid and I thought he was starved for those opportunities frankly.

Playing off half forward saw him given much closer attention by a defensively minded player rather than standing him next to a ball hunter who regularly loses contact.

I think we’ll see him explode this year with significantly more midfield time.

His kicking still worries me a bit because it can be a bit floaty at times but his movement through stopagges is excellent. sides will quickly learn to be blocking him at stopagges which should open up a bit more space for Zerret.




For my serious post, his best quarter and subsequently game, was when zach had to go off field for a potentially broken jaw, so darcy had to fill his role and ■■■■■■■ bossed it.


@Henry_s_Angry_Pills is right.

I love the lad however I saw someone say they wanted him to become the next Luke Parker. Well Luke Parker contested marks above his head.

Darcy is a 50/50 proposition above his head, and that’s when it is uncontested. It is the weakest part of his game.


begley is more likely to become a luke parker.

that someone has nfi.


first half, maybe even first quarter of ANZAC day ‘16
Did it twice.


kid plays infront of 100,000 people within his first 10 senior games and has a couple of moments to forget. stop the press.


Try and read the context.
As i said, he ■■■■ himself a number of times last year, but seemigly not at all in 2017. Which is a good thing.

I think he feels pretty natural attacking a ground ball, but he’s not instinctive in the air. No hanging offence but it’s a thing.


i did read the context but cant remember any instances of him ■■■■■■■■ himself under the ball in 16, but since you brought up anzac day 2016…


He didn’t ■■■■ himself under the ball… he just dropped a mark he should’ve taken.

He made up for it later in the game.

It isn’t a bravery thing… kid just isn’t great overhead.


Think he was given a year to develop his outside / forward game. Inside comes naturally to him, but we need him to be a multi-dimensional player for us long term. If he’s a dangerous option forward, it gives us more flexibility in rotations.


He absolutely did: a kick went a bit over his head, he turned, saw a Pies player there running forward, and didn’t even attempt to make a contest. Grog squad end, first or second quarter.
I think it was Sidebottom but I’m not sure: wasn’t some huge behemoth.

The dropped mark was the second one and I think he’d do better there too, if he had his time again.