#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


Gee, the kid is tracking beautifully. Clearly, had less time in the middle. Was given a forward type role to help development. Going to be fun next year seeing the young guys play a more prominent role.

With those dropped marks didn’t he in the same game park himself under a ball, take the hit + mark? Showed how in game the kid has the capacity to identify and correct faults




Hird always talked about how he squibbed it against St Kilda and was mortified when Spud Frawley told Tim Watson how embarrassed he must be playing with such a squib.

I think he learnt his lesson. He was almost crazy-brave.



That kick to Watson against the Dogs was a ripper.


The little bloke outmarks 2metre Peter; that, from a kid who is no good overhead ?


Something that stands out with Parish is that he rarely blazes away which some young players can make a habit of. He slows down and straightens up before delivering the ball.

He’s an impressive young player and is only going to get better.


Essendon leads by 22- make that 26. thanks ed.


I think he’s well and truly redeemed himself now, but I don’t think it was the same game.


Courage, We have some riippers Merrett, Parish, McGrath, Fantasia…awesome foursome


Add Smith and Tippa


Blitzem Sixsome


What I like about Parish is he is a very direct footballer. He gets the ball then he goes forward with it and he is very good at assessing his options quickly. I’m expecting a big year from him with a lot more time in the guts.


This was memorable! The guy hits packs and attacks the ball at speed when given the chance.


I’d be interested to know how much muscle this guy has put on.

Seems to be a huge worker in the off-season because from his first season, to his second, he built himself up considerably to play more midfield time alongside the returning players and now between his second season and this pre-season, he seems to have bulked up considerably again.

His transformation from his draft year to now is amazing in terms of his physique, he has the hunger that you’d hope all young players would have and literally looks as if he eats, sleeps and breathes football.

This kid is going to be a star.


Don’t let Healy see those arms … …


Dont want to put too much expectation on Darcy, but this is what Fox ports says

The young players in contention for breakout AFL seasons in 2018
ESSENDON — Darcy Parish

He’s only 20 and approaching just his third AFL season, but don’t discount the chances of Parish increasing his output significantly in 2018 — possibly to A-grade status. Parish had a handful of huge games last season, but often struggled to replicate his efforts the next week. With 40 games and an extra pre-season under his belt, expect Parish to not only close the gaps between his best and quietest games, but also produce some monster, match-winning performances.


Lid off down in Fox world.


Any recent photos of this guy?


Here ya go:


Wait, no, sorry, that’s Australian women’s cricket captain Meg Lanning.