#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


good lord


I’m seeing double



He’s going to be an absolute gun in about 3 years, and it’s a travesty he wasn’t in the midfield more this year.


Hardly a travesty

He was thrown into the cauldron as a new draftee having to deal with a LOT more centre square and contest work than pretty much any first year player ever. Clubs averse to this to avoid breaking young players down.

Club both needed to give him an easier 2nd year as well as have him learn how to expand his midfield craft as outside player as well.

This all while he kept building his body physically in readiness for combative more inside role against men that he played as a junior & being lined up for.

I agree though he should star in years to come though.


Yeah nah, I realise they were trying to protect him.


nah its a travesty. kept our 3rd best midfielder out of the midfield.


The travesty was the scenario with our returning mids and how much they struggled & thus provided us very little drive in the engine room.


The real travesty was that dudes fish burger at the new Perth stadium.


Thread needed more travesty.


Should ask Travesty Coyler


Do we dare traverse the Travis travesty?


Travesty is that some here, not suggesting you Speedy, seem to blame our returning players for not being consistent and/or for keeping second year players out of rotations, and thus disregard the greatest travesty of all which was the reason they were ‘returning’. Travesty of travesties.

PS put this in the same category as the “Jobe and Hepp were crap”, despite being instrumental in getting us to the finals, camp


Where has he been hiding those jets the last two years?

Showed some serious pace


Is going to have some serious breakout kind of games this year.

32 Possessions
18 Contested possessions
8 Clearances
6 tackles
2 goals


I was surprised at some of his pace, breaking away from packs.


He is an inside mid. Just put the kid on the ball and rest him on the bench.


Has all the tools to be a good player.

Needs to get his production up now and lift his average possessions.

For the team to step up to the next level its players like Parish that need to continue to develop.


There was a centre stopagge in the last where the was a bit of a scramble and Conor jumped up and Spiked it 10m. Parish lept, turned and dished before landing to Smith who was steaming past him. It was exceptional. Smith unfortunately blazed away rather than steadying but it was exceptional by parish


I was just about to post this actually. Has he ever cracked 25 posessions in a game? Even games where i think he has been really dominant his stats come out at like 21 disposals. I think to elevate himself he needs to start hitting 25 and over a few times throughout the year.