#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


Stop it KM, this dribble you go on about with Darcy is silly.

Here’s a little fact for you and your precious Langford:

Darcy played senior footy immediately upon being drafted and played most games he could. Kyle took until this year to fully break into the side.

You want to compare the two then Darcy has shown far more in the same time the Langford has been at the club.

Show a little faith in the guy instead of just going all McAvaney (or is that Donnington?) on your favourite and throwing the rest away.

Maybe go back and watch some Parish highlights and realise you have this one wrong.


I can’t be bothered writing why, but Parish will be a gun. A top 5 player for us once he is physically mature. Has done everything you’d want for a skinny young inside mid in his first 3 years.

Shame we couldn’t see him in this current team playing good football because his ball hunting and intensity around the ball is exactly the style we are playing right now.


Parish has lots of improvement to come. I’m not sure why anyone would be considering trading him. Surely at worst he gets a spot in the bench.


Not sure why you are comparing the two players.

Totally different players and one was a top 5 draft pick and the other a big bodied player that needed to stack on the kg’s to compete.

Langford is also learning how to play midfield and is learning very fast.

And Langford has gone past Parish for your information. So stop speaking rubbish.


I’m actually waiting for somebody to tell me what is so special about Parish and how he fits into our future plans.

Nobody seems to know.


honestly nobody needs to tell you anything. youve had plenty of people discuss how parish fits into the team and what his strengths are. it seems you basically shut off as soon as anyone seems to indicate either a) the strengths of parish, b) the merits of him being in the team

whether or not parish turns out any good, that remains to be seen, but in the meantime, if you could stop pretending that nobody is able to see what parish offers the team and going forward the sort of player he can develop into, so as to justify your own personal opinion of him, thatd be great.


You said you would stop…


i say a lot of things


What a read

FMD KM. Did Darcy fk your ex girlfriend or something?


I never thought I’d live in a world with such praise for THE LANGFORD and such negativity for Parish.

I think we are about to reach the Singularity!


I’m just bored :grinning:


find a more meaningful hobby perhaps?


I like the simple things in life


Is that why you keep responding to Alex?

j/k alex…





Watch Darcy come out of next preseason, stronger through the core and bigger in the legs/upper body.

Fark me, he is a busy mid around the contest, and has played some very good games.

Sydney final anyone?

Has deficiencies, no doubt. Absolutely needs to improve disposal under pressure.
But good news. His attitude will ensure he gets there.


In fairness to KM, if everyone was to do a best 22 Parish would be out of many people’s teams if it was being selected with balance.

But that isn’t taking away from Parish having great qualities as a mid, which I think KM perhaps not acknowledging.


I don’t understand why everyone is getting so defensive about KM’s comments on Parish.

It’s not like the dickheads in plenty of other threads who say “so and so is a spud and needs to be shot out of a cannon”.

Christ, plenty are criticising Hurley a lot more than this and the defensive reaction isn’t anywhere near this.

KM is just giving his opinion that Parish may not turn out to be as good as people think.
There clearly have to be question marks over him. Yes, his form this year also coincided with the team being crap, but a lot of the questions over him existed last year as well.

  • his kicking needs work
  • he’s not a threat resting forward and doesn’t have the endurance currently to play primarily on ball
  • doesn’t seem to have a great outside game at this stage.

He may still turn into a gun, but I think it’s quite fair to have the opinion he won’t ever be one of our best 4 or 5 midfielders.


It’s because, Aboods, he has made that exact same point in the exact same words a million times, without exaggeration. Move on. For ■■■■■ sake, move on.


You’re wrong about his endurance. Not many first year players play full time as a mid