#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


He’s not a first year player anymore. He said himself in the last off-season that he has struggled with the running. I think it improved this season but he’s still got to improve it


Why is Parish untouchable when so many others on the list aren’t?


To be fair I said he could be used as tradebait.

I didn’t make any other point.


No no…Aboods - you didn’t read my post.


Hypothetically, If Parish comes back in a few weeks and is ready to go before Zaka and there are are no other injuries who do you bring him in for?

I’d drop Guelfi but i’d love to know others opinions because the love for Guelfi is way over the top so far imo.
I’ve got doubts on Parish, but i’d still have him ahead of Guelfi as a mid at his stage


True. It just stood out for me that in his first preseason he was training with the mids and given the full time gig during the year. It said to me that he has a reasonable tank. But no doubt it’s an area that needs a few preseasons to get right


this thread is reminding me of what the Langford thread used to sound like…


No, but Mitchell is continuously on the ball for >90% game time. Otherwise no way he could rack up 50 disposals.

Closest we come are Heppel and Zerret. Darcy does not have the tank to do 15kms in a game at the required performance level. Yet.


yet instead of 100 rabid langford bashing fanatics, its a sole lunatic


He’s not even playing atm.




I pity the people who log on later when they see 100 extra posts in this thread.

It’s like Groundhog Day in this thread :blush:


THIS multiplied by 1000.

Players who play well in finals are worth their weight in gold & not that we should be comparing the 2, but I think we will all be very interested to see how Langford plays against his nemesis side the Swans & in particular Kennedy next time we play them.


Next time km goes on one of his tirades can a mod just put KM Zone in the thread title?


I am going to write off Parish like I did Langford then when Parish comes good it will be a nice surprise.

I can’t wait to unwrap him.


Enter at own risk


Tirades? FMD


So Parish was played in the VFL to work on “some aspects of his game” namely, mostly getting some decent time in the middle to regain form? Improve kicking and decision making ?, increase his Contested numbers?

Was this accomplished ? If yes, who does he come in for? Probably Guelfi, who is tough, has a big tank , but Parish has better stoppage craft, so if we need an extra better player in the stoppage rotations, and Guelfi is tiring a bit after a lot of senior games , Parish comes in. IMO.



and again…

and again…

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People are going to eat their words over Parish even more than Langford.