#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


About 3 people. Everyone else loves him


Most frequent posters in this thread are Barnz, me and KM, by far. all well over 100. But I must confess I am a Darcy Parish fan. I want to see him do well. I still believe.


Great post. Spot on.


Parish will be fine. The kid is a very good footballer. He has his weaknesses, as does every player, but give him another couple of years and he will be more than handy. Agree with KM that The Langford has a higher ceiling, and will more than likely be the better player of the two, but I’m quite happy that we have, and keep, both.


For a gun inside mid I would


Don’t go there Nino


I know right :joy:

I would trade Parish for some one like Dylan Shiel in a heart beat


Say what you like about Langford but not Parish.

Doesn’t go down well.


Really? Even the most ardent of parish afficianados would go for that. Not sure youre making much of a point with that hypothetical


I don’t know the way some on here carry on make Parish is untouchable.


not really. not at all.


“this thread is farked”


That was me just now.

(leaves thread shaking head with furrowed brow)


It wouldn’t be blitz if we didn’t have a raving lunatic creating havoc :grinning:


sure, but you should share that honour around… :slight_smile:


I was referring to the others…


I remember the recruiters saying that Parish was the best natural footballer available to us in that draft. Mightn’t be the best kick, or the fastest, but the best footballer.

We haven’t given him many chances to prove it, playing him in positions that don’t suit his skillset.

If Nino thinks we can trade him, that makes it an even more ridiculous suggestion. I’d have him playing inside mid way before Wallis. He’s even got a better haircut.




I wouldn’t trade Parish unless we get an elite inside mid in return. I’m not an idiot who would trade Parish for Wallis that you seem to be suggesting.