#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


No I meant the other crazy person


Darcy’s game back at VFL showed what he’d bring to AFL; a badger like approach to winning the ball.

I think of him as a blend of Devon Smith and Zaharakis, does he need to improve his running capacity? yes, does he need to get stronger? yes, does he need to tidy up his kicking? yes, will he be a very good AFL player for years to come? yes, would I trade him, if doing so gave us a player of Dylan Shiel’s ilk? hell yes


You tirading too bro?


Sell our soul for an elite midfielder?

Geelong were going to be unbeatable with Dangerwoodlet. That was going to be the 3 Horsemen of the Apocalypse for the rest of the AFL. The top team right now has a deep list with a capable , but average midfield rather than an "elite " one like Geelong whose spine is decrepit and bottom 6 best 22 players are very average.


I beg to differ. You are an idiot!


You would trade anyone and anything for something new and shiny…


Let’s trade our talented young midfielder for another talented young midfielder. That will sort our future midfield out


If trading Parish is what it took to get Shiel, would you do it?


Hardly noticed him in the last few weeks, plays like he wasnt there.



What did I do?


What else are we giving up and why would GWS do it? Even then why would we try to improve the midfield by removing one of our most talented up and coming midfielders? Because he’s injured and no longer flavour of the month?

If you have a slight dip in form or are out of the team with injury you suddenly become trade bait on Blitz, while anyone who’s currently in form is unequivocally untradeable. As if short term form variations and current injuries are the primary factors in trade movements and list decisions.


You know what you did :blush:


Here we go again. I have been waiting to see who will be Bomberblitz new love child after Langford, and here we are. F##k this place is unreal.





I’d imagine Shiel would cost our 1st pick + whatever we get from trading Parish (probs 1st ~10ish); and we’d probably get a 2nd back

Trading for an established star who fits our age bracket and provides a point of difference in our midfield. Whilst Parish could get to Shiel’s level, it is far from a guarantee. So the question is then: Parish + our 1st > Shiel + a 2nd, I’d take that everyday.


In form today Noons.


You can make up trades that will never happen in your mind all day. I’ll just happily zone out


It’s basically the same deal that saw Collingwood land Treloar. The only reason the Giants are even considering trading Shiel is because they think they’ll lose home next year for at best a late 1st via FA compo.

FWIW I actually like Parish he is a gem, I just think Shiel is better, which he is at the moment. And everyone is tradeable, for the right price however high that may be.


It doesn’t even make sense.

Tell ya what - I’ll trade Nimo for Shiel.


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