#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


About 1.2 Langford’s


Langford’s what?


Langford’s dad


Shiel is overrated on blitz.


KM…not sure what your issue is with Darc but youd talkin absolute dribble mate. Put Parish in a functional onballers unit and make him the go to man, then see how he goes.


Is it fast? He was injured on 26th May. Wasn’t it always expected to be 5 or 6 weeks?


Don’t forget the great logic of this thread:

  1. Parish is a dud who will never ever make it
  2. If we trade Parish we are certain to get Dylan farking Shiel in return


I hope you are right mate


We should trade out Langford to give parish more opportunities. Langford has strung some good games together and would net us an early second rounder at least.


Would excel in our midfield group, just like Smith has.




If Parish was at another club looking for a trade he would be our number 1 priority.

Players to have shined at his age are aerobic beasts, physically developed, non midfielders, in a top 4 team or bottom team with game built around them. Parish doesn’t fit into any of those four categories.

Some say his kicking needs work but it’s not far off. I’ve seen enough to say his kicking can be elite. It’s a rare skill to purposely place a kick to the benefit of the marker and he’s consistently pulled off precision kicks. He can hit the hardest of targets and he rarely squibs it.

In his current state the only way I can see him really impressing the haters is (knock on wood) Merrett to be out of the team and Parish to fulfill that role. You could possibly argue he should be playing beside Merrett and having a better output similar to Smith but Smiths strength is fitness and makes his impact when fatigue kicks in and the longer play goes without a goal (most likely why his impact was down against North due to the continuous resetting of a high scoring game).

In my opinion a great like for like is Hugh McCluggage. Attacking mid, excellent skills, teenage body and not considered an aerobic beast. He has had far less output than Darcy and kicking has struggled but you can see it’s there ready to click. Once they both get to an even playing ground with fitness and physical development they will show their true ability.

I can understand criticism of his fitness and physical development but not the other stuff. I could also see people being critical of his dedication, so far has he done enough to get the best out of his career? Langford’s been known to do them extra sessions, Stringer has agreed to a progam to get the best out of his career, Merrett’s seeked as much advice as possible, Heppell and Zaka are another level in their running preparation and program. Modern greats are constantly being praised for work ethic.


Parish to come back via the reserves.

Competing for the Guelfi spot


Parish to be immediately cannoned. Doesn’t matter where. Sea, sun, volcano, all the same.


Didn’t say he wasn’t any good. Yes he would excel.

But overrated nevertheless.


Will win a Brownlow


Will win the Nobel peace prize.


Trying to work out what “no Paul Spanish” means…or is it “no hablo español”


Na Donald Trump has that wrapped up for a good 10 years.


He’s got blonde locks that he sweeps back behind the ears, what more do you people need to see.

Future Brownlow medalist.