#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


I admit I am not a huge fan as I don’t yet see his strengths as being enough.

I think the most pleasing thing is that we don’t need him in the middle (he is not in our best 22) and now he has the time to develop his game and hopefully, when ready, can make a real impact.

This season may beneficial (ignoring the unfortunate injury) in that the pressure is no longer on him to become a gun instantly. Hopefully it stays that way and he does prove me wrong (as he seems like a very god foot soldier which we definitely need, but would love him to become a beast inside mid with a few more years development).


You know why VFL watchers don’t rave about how they’ve seen something special in Parish. Becuase Parish doesn’t play VFL.



@Alan_Noonan_10, I gotta another dill for you to abuse tonight!


Parish will be part of our best midfield for years to come, and a very very decent midfield it will be.


He hated the VFL soo much he got injured just to avoid it.


It is usually “no hablo inglés” (I don’t speak English), not “no hablo español”. If he actually meant to say that anyway, I don’t get the joke.



Sums it up


It’s not your fault that people are easily triggered by your opinion. Then you have to defend that opinion again and again by answering questions directed at you from different people.




Yep. Poor Killer Mike was just walking down the street one day, helping old ladies cross the road, when he was viciously set upon by a crazed group of Darcy Parish enthusiasts.



He’s still farkin good though.


Imagine if he did play for us. We’d overrate the living hell out of him.


The Shiel Diel


People are heavily invested in young Parish :grinning:


Please no more today KM


school holidays unfortunately


Why does Killer_Mike hate Parish so much ?



It’s just coz you can’t shorten his name.


Just doesn’t work.


Any bloke that’s smaller than Donnington just shouldn’t be playing AFL.

Parish fits that description.


I thought it was ironically funny: confirms he doesn’t speak Spanish by messing up the phrase “I don’t speak Spanish” in Spanish.

Also ironically: corrects other’s grammar and ends post with “shurgs”.