#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


Obviously done on purpose and quite funny.


Didn’t come across that obvious but if it was on purpose then my hat is off to him.




I heard Justin Bieber had to cancel his Australian tour coz all the 16 year old girls love Darce these days.

Future Star.


It might be the only Spanish phrase he learnt before the trip…except “dos cervezas, por favor” and “¿dondé puedo conocer unas putas?”


Best of luck in your first game back Darcy


Here’s hoping he plays well, might be able to increase his trade value :wink:


Doesn’t he date a 16 year old girl?

I’m sure she’s not actually 16 but I have a recollection he was dating a schoolgirl last year - there was an vox pop interview both did at an Essendon function or something?

Note: I may be completely wrong about all of this, also, who gives a fark


You’re not having another crack at him are you KM? :rofl:


My original comment was not based on reality. You really didn’t pick the Bieber part of it up?

I was just trying to generate some hype. As I feel people don’t like Parish becuase he’s just there. Where’s VFL players get hyped off the silliest things. So several of my posts where stupid hype building(and in no way serious).

Couldn’t comment on his real personal life, and with you don’t care.


Clearly Jake Stringer has been given Darc some dating advice


I didnt think you were at all serious!

And yes who cares about his personal life, quite right, we’re straying into Donnington territory



I couldn’t tell if your “who gives a fark” was directed at your comments or mine.


Oh it was at mine! Sorry I didn’t think they would be interpreted any other way

Anyway, how about that Killer Mike huh. What a d/ck


My daughter is a school girl…she is 18. Darcy is 19…please


Darcy will be a very good player whether he stay with us or is moved on…we have not seen the best of Darcy Parish by a long shot…and when he does turn it on, I will be back into this thread, In the meantime…got better things to do than read uninformed bull ■■■■.


be star year 12 footballer, have year 11 girlfriend.

not uncommon.


Which player thread am I in?


The OC.


Ricky Mott