#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


Me now. 100s of posts later. Wonder where this will go by the time I get to the end…


Killer Mike is here…so Parish


i hope not!


So do I


I’m looking forward to seeing how Darcy’s game style thrives in the pressure that our midfield now brings to the congestion/contest. He has very good “give and go” handball out of a stoppage/congestion, and a similar ability to pick a running pathway in traffic and break the opposition defensive structure as McGrath and Raz. He is one who breaks the game open from these situations moreso than being a beautiful kick forward from outside space. He is also a disciplined runner who in the past has been ignored after making 40m leads for team mates. I really think our current approach and pressure will see the best of Darcy when he’s back in the side.


His hands in close are probably second fastest at the club after Andy McGrath’s, which is scary since neither of them are yet perma-mids


I’ve got doubts about how good Parish will end up but you’re right about his hands in close.
If him and McGrath are really up and going in say 12 months, they could be really important in breaking down Richmond’s pressure


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I’m late to this conversation but count me in as someone who thinks that Parish is overrated. It may change, but right now Darcy has little hurt factor in his game. You don’t mind him getting the ball if you’re the opposition because he won’t take on the daring option like a Langford, and is a good chance his kick will go astray. That’s right now and doubtless there’s some improvement in him, but I reckon his ceiling is around the Richard Douglas level. That’s pretty good, Douglas is a very handy player, but to get there Darcy has to tidy up his kicking as a priority.


Thread has moved on to more important issues. What’s your opinion on his girlfriend?


Richard Douglas WTF!

Seriously people.


Parish’s #1 issue is his kicking which seems to have deteriorated since his debut year.


No it hasn’t


BOG in the ressies, the best handballer in the team, potentially the best rover we have had since Daisy Williams, is one good game in the 2nds enough for a recall?

Gold Coast play pretty bruise free footy, I’d throw caution to the wind & bring him back in this week




Rushing guys back from injury has worked so well for us this season. Can’t see what could possibly go wrong here.