#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


It was a thumb, not implausible his running is better than it was before his injury


He had a broken thumb. He’s not returning from a soft tissue injury.

1 week in the VFL to regain some touch then in.


Parish’s poor kicking is one of the biggest blitz myths on this forum at the moment.

Is his kicking a weapon? No

Is hick kicking a hindrance? No

Its fine. He stuffs it up like everyone does every now and then, but that doesnt make it poor. Its just a facet of his game, but not a focus, not a strength, and definitely not something to worry the opposition, but im sure it probably doesnt worry our coaches either.

The fact people are criticising him on THIS part of his game, probably goes to show either how forgetful people are about how someone plays, or how much someone will warp their vision of a player to find something negative to say about them to fit into a forums trendy groupthink.

Seriously, hes a contested ball nugget with quick hands and great tenacity at the contest. His kicking shouldnt be a huge part of his game to begin with. Its like having a go at Joe because hes not a great handpass, or Walla because he isnt a good mark (although he is) etc etc. Its a bottom of the barrel criticism if you ask me.


EFC Match report: “Darcy Parish was instrumental upon his return from a wrist injury, gathering 39 possessions (21 contested) and 10 clearances”
Its hard to criticise that.
Lets face it, after that they will bring him to the AFL in next week.


He is da mouse and da footy is da cheese.


He should aim to be like an insidy-er version of Devon. Darcy, McGrath and Devon should be circling like a pack of wolves, putting loads of pressure around the ball, causing turnovers then hurting opponents on the counter


Just let Darcy hunt the ball at stoppages. We have players that are meant to be fit AF and they get 60 to 70% game time. Stop wasting time on parish the hff/ winger. Put him in the 2nd midfield rotation.


Play him. Since we’re doing groundhog day, I’ll repeat what I said at the start of the season and again over a month ago. Play Parish, McGrath, Heppell and Zach Merrett in the centre. They are the future, are all unquestionably committed to the club and we will move forward in leaps and bounds the quicker this happens. Out with the old.


PLease play him on the ball and not half forward.


I’d have him in before McNeice & Long but i’m not convinced he’s in our best 22.


Hopefully in and given serious midfield minutes. None of this HFF nonsense.


He needs to be able to more than just play in the midfield.
The off stuff is not nonsense.
It’s actually quite sensible.


Would have thought you’d want to master the midfield before trying to jack of all trades other positions.


Lol. Jack of all trades. Stupid statement.
Skills to rest somewhere else/cover a hole etc.
Everybody has to be able to do that.
Otherwise you just become like Myers.
And I know how much you love his one dimensional game.


We are trying to push as many different players through the midfield. This has been stated by players and coaches as it keeps the interchange rotations down, freshness in the center and variety of styles. This is how we want to play to become a great team.

Therefore it is impossible to play a single roll.

There is no more just playing in the guts.





Official stats actually had him at 31 disposals, still a solid return


Yeah, didn’t think he was that prolific, had pretty good impact with his possessions though


Checked out the first half of the ressies on the weekend. DP very impressive and a cut above our other mids: reading ball well, hitting contests at pace, aggressive ball movement from stoppages. Get more afl games into him ASAP, I reckon.