#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


Thought he was good on the weekend.

Typical Parish game.


hmmm…no, that just won’t do I’m afraid.
I’ll wait a few more weeks.


Hopefully he’s still in the team in a few weeks.


Honestly it’s be great if we could just enjoy parish and Langfords games without the continual ‘i told you so’ bullcrap


They’re both farkin good.


That seems a strange comment KM. I’m in the same boat as you with regards to where Parish and Langford sit…but I thought that was one of Parish’s best games. He should stay in for the rest of the year and spend as much time as possible at stoppages.




Please don’t endulge him.


I don’t think its that strange.

We have lots of injuries so it could be argued that Parish is in because somebody is out.

A lot depends on whether they believe Parish’s deficiency’s have been worked on.


It’s just banter


If all 3 of Fanta, Zaharakis and Stringer come back and there are no other injuries, he might be squeezed for a spot. But it’s probably 4 weeks before Stringer will be back. The odds of no other injuries between now and then are small I would think.
And if he holds his form… and Langford does… surely they’d drop Myers now if everyone is available


Myers doesn’t get dropped.


He’ll start to feel the delayed-onset effects of that kick he copped in the Collingwood game.


Might best to be cautious and rest him for the year.


From what l saw, any deficiencies have undoubtedly been worked on, reworked and then worked on some more.


Time for me to get on board then.


Game 50 this week


What do you care?




At the start of the season, somebody at the club had been “raving” about Darcy’s clearance work. It was mentioned on the Round 1 TV broadcast. But the whole team caught some disease and were playing badly after that and Darcy’s clearance work was nothing to “rave” about, thats for sure.

Against GC, it was, what? 8 clearances, game high. Is that what you would rave about, because the top AFL players do not average more than 8 a game in 2018 On the weekend Darcy was in Sloane/Ablett/Cripps/Ward territory.

He played well. Lets not pigeon hole him right now, lets see how he goes against Freo. Maybe he has got his mojo back.