#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


gotta be a stitch up


That’s why I assumed but can’t tell for sure?!


Definitely looks like it


can’t spell either


He would have done the preseason of running, while he was injured. l expect him to have a bigger tank now and will be more able to run out games now that he has returned.


Needs to model his game on Rory Sloane, needs to make running his physical weapon and clearance work his art


Spot on Jack. A mini preseason of running.


Yes … he backed up the 12 ? clearances he got in the VFL game. So it sounds like his stoppage craft is cherry ripe.
The 8 clearances included boundary throwings and other stoppages.


Got in the coaches votes. Not bad for 1st game back.

Expecting a BIG late season surge from him.


Mini preseason to get ready for a series of mini finals.


There ???


Hang on - what???
He got in the votes and Langford didn’t???
This is outrageous!



Parish can’t kick right? Been sublime.


been one of our best today


Is showing Merrett what desire is at the moment.

Playing really well but he needs some mates.


Is this the last 1/4 Merrett?


Faded badly, but a pretty impressive performance none the less.


I saw it differently. I think they switched the tag to Parish off Merrett and that freed up Merret and stopped Parish.

And that’s what having a good midfield group does, it makes it hard to tag them all at the same time.


Problem with the midfield is they are all too light apart from possibly Myers


And Heppell.
And Langford.
And when he gets back, Stringer.

Apart from them you may be right.