#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


He was not tagged. He did his usual fading out of a game. Merrett was tagged all game.

Still not best 22 when everyone is fit. Still has plenty of time to improve.


Not best 22? wow


Yes. Sorry, I don’t drink the kool aid.

I think he should be best 22 in years to come, but he isn’t now. High draft pick<>best 22.


He was everywhere in the first half, dominating and working extremely hard. Tired out as the game wore on is not a surprise after being out injured for a few weeks, I still think the tag was switched in the last 1/4.


He was and I was impressed. But he faded and it was too typical of him.

Which is why I am starting to agree he is a good long term prospect. I just don’t think he is there yet.

He just needs another year or two before he is consistent.


Yeah idk I dont see it. Didn’t do enough on the outside.

Oh wait was the only ■■■■ that could hit a team mate going forward in the first half.


just curious on who is best 22 ahead of him? Have you got Colyer and Myers in that 22?


Did his role change? He just disappeared!

His quarter by quarter fantasy scores were 35, 25, 9 and 0!


I think that’s right, wasn’t tagged just ran out of gas which he has a tendency to do. Very good first half though which was pleasing.


Would have to do a best 22 to say who I would regard as ahead.

but to compare - I would take Guelfi over him.


I’d probably take Guelfi ahead of him as well because Guelfi is more flexible and useful at those outside roles and filling gaps around the field as needed.
As it is though, McKenna would have to come in for Colyer and shuffle someone further up the ground again.
After that, the only other guy out injured who’s not a tall and might come back this year is Stringer. That might squeeze a spot so Parish would want to play well to avoid that squeeze.
Stringer will lose some conditioning though and with Smack gone they may decide to play him essentially as a tall.

2 possessions after half time isn’t good.


an odd game. Dominated early seeming to carry on from the week before. He didn’t just fade from the game, he completely disappeared. Hopefully just second game back blues but would want to make sure he stays involved in games better than that.
With 50 games now under his belt, the time to start impacting games starts from about now.


Did anyone at the ground notice a change of roles? or was it just match fitness related?


He played the Bermuda Triangle high half forward with a few rotations on the ball. He had a lot of game time in the second half due to Mckernan going doing down and the main rotations seemed to be the midfielders plus Orazio and Colyer who are burst players. His second half wasn’t impressive but it wasn’t poor, he didn’t do much wrong just couldn’t get he’s hands on it. He got close to it, laid a few tackles.
Good game, great first half and rarely wasted it or made mistakes.



Being in my fantasy elite team I was ACUTELY AWARE OF THISSSSSS




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The picture doesn’t quite look like me but the ground certainly does whilst bathing.


Been very very good since coming back in. Kudos to him for working so hard.