#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


Didn’t fade out in the second half, really stood up tonight against the much vaunted Sydney midfield.


Played really well today


Career best game.




He is good.




Very Good!


Seemed to really thrive on the in and under rough stuff.

Gives such amazing energy to our midfield


Darcy, when running into an open goal, please just kick the goal instead of trying to share it around. Thanks.


Looked fast.


in the song last week he looked so happy to be back in the team and knowing he was playing well

loving it



I reckon he’s zippy


Not the first time that a strong contested opposition has brought out the best in Parish.

You’d think there is still a fair bit of strength to add to that body of his, and once he does… Look out.


Looked dangerous every time he was near it. One of our many little hard nuts.


So good tonight… Speedy and tough. Great shots of him and Walla at the end.


Loved that he tackled some bloke so hard the guy wanted a dangerous tackle free.


The guy stayed down like he had been shot. When he realised no one was paying attention and the game was moving on he jumped up very quickly to run after the ball.


That’s the “Blood’s Spirit” TM isn’t it?


Ever since he debuted he has always had the habit of not being flat footed at a stoppage and will hit the contest at speed and it is just SO valuable and allows him to create and extract the pill as consistently as he does.

Is going to have a hell of a career this boy and will only get better.


Loves going elite vs swans