#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


Young gun Darcy Parish says it was “super” to have young defender Aaron Francis back alongside him in Essendon’s outstanding 43-point victory over Sydney on Friday.

Francis returned to the side for his first senior game since round seven last year and didn’t miss a beat with an impressive and composed 14-disposal performance.

Parish is no stranger to having Francis by his side after the Bombers were drafted with picks five and six respectively in the 2015 National Draft.

While the midfielder has gone on to crack his 50-game milestone as a regular contributor to the team, Francis’ career has been repeatedly interrupted to date.

But since returning from leave to deal with a mental health issue earlier this year, the intercepting defender hasn’t missed a beat, dominating his opponents at VFL level to well and truly earn his spot back in the side.

For Parish and his fellow Bombers, having a happy Francis back is all that matters.

“It brought everyone a smile to their face having Franga back out there today,” Parish said post-game.

“He’s a super talent and has obviously battled a few things throughout the year, but he’s flying at the minute.

“He’s laughing and carrying on around the change rooms, which is great to see.”

Parish said Francis – who requested a trade to his home state of South Australia at the end of last season – appears to be back enjoying his time at the club and can now have the chance to string some senior games together.

“(He has) positive vibes around the place, which is really good,” he said.

“He was playing some great footy in the VFL and to play great footy tonight as well in the team, he’s really cemented his spot.”

Parish was brilliant against the Swans on Friday, continuing his impressive return to football following a nasty thumb injury suffered in round eight.

The on-baller gathered 26 disposals and booted a goal, doing plenty of work at the coalface with 13 contested possessions, and he credits his running training during his time out of the side with what he admitted is career-best form.

“Throughout the injury I got to do a lot of running and fitness-based stuff, which has held me in good stead now I think and (I’m) running out games a lot better than I was,” Parish said.

“(My) confidence is growing each week I think. (I’m) playing my role for the team as everyone else is, so it’s great to be back in and winning games.”

Parish is just one part of an extremely versatile midfield group, which has seen the Bombers run out games particularly well against their more one-dimensional opponents in recent weeks.

“We’ve got so many blokes that can flick through there now and play their role for the team,” he said.

“We’re pretty unique in that way – where other teams are reliant on two or three mids to go all night through there, we’ve got about eight guys who can run through there.

“You can really tell we run over teams in the end in the midfield and it’s great to have everyone playing their role in there.”

With the season still alive, Parish is hopeful the Bombers can continue their rich vein of form.

“We’re just looking at week to week just bringing that real intent and pressure around the footy.

“Obviously (we are) playing some pretty good footy now and finding some good form and everyone (is) playing their role for the team, which is great, so hopefully we can keep it up.”


Good article. It is great to see that they care about one another.
That bond helps creates a positive and winning environment.


Had to laugh at Roos & Dunstall on post match fox banging on about how Darc has done well to go back to the vfl and find form.


He is all of the sudden looking swift, maybe the injury was a blessing in disguise


Dashin Darcy Parish is a jet! Got the mini preseason he desperately needed when he hurt his thumb.
It’s not complete until the stamp of approval from @Killer_Mike though. :wink:


ling during the commentary call too.


He’s always looked swift around the stoppages.

The kid can play, he just has to learn the AFL pace and patterns. Bomberblitz needs to learn to stop writing off kids. I’m way more confident that Darcy will learn his lessons than us on here.


I’m still waiting btw, @Killer_Mike


Best game for the club


He looked faster around the ground to me, a few times I got him confused for Devon, midfield is coming along nicely


@Reboot and I are gonna be on a tower of smug when everyone converts.

we’ll we’re already there but still.


that 2015 draft will be 2nd to the 2013 draft out of our recent drafts in terms of importance.

parish, francis, redman, brown, hartley, CONOR, WALLA

edit not conor, but still CONOR. (2014 rookie b)


Very good game from Darcy.

Still doesn’t change my opinion of him.

If one game changed my opinion I would be like the rest of you😊


That’s ok.
We have lots of time :slight_smile:


so, what do you think of david myers?


Good bloke


He’s a gun and only going to get better. In two years when his strength is at the right level for AFL people are going wonder how the hell you can stop Parish in a game. He will become a clearance machine, few players have the natural movement instincts he does around a stoppage. And with the game experience growing more rapid than most he will be at 100 games, 23, 84+kgs and unstoppable.


Sometimes, when we have an awkward letter/email to write, the office gets me to write it for them and they sign it. Because they are a bit cowardly. Nothing wrong with that - we aren’t all made equal.

However - because I’m such a good bloke, I’ve written one up for you, so that at your leisure and convenience, all you need to do is sign , and we’re all good :slight_smile:

My Dear Blitzers,

I would like to say that I have taken an awkward miss-step. I have been slightly disparaging of a young and extremely talented footballer in D. Parish, in a misguided effort to further the reputation of another player with whom I may have a somewhat unhealthy pre-occupation with - my love-child K. Langford.
I now realise that using one against the other this way has rendered me a bit of a baboon’s ■■■, and I hereby unequivocally extend my apologies and look forward to the great success of both these fine young men and their undoubtedly glorious Bomber careers.

Signed in Humility,

K____ M____


I would love for him to become elite.

One less player we need to draft/trade.


Arguably 3 better games than The Langford since his return.