#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish




To be fair Langford is playing more forward than mid.

I think people just need to get used to the fact that Langford will undoubtedly be the better player.


I love your optimism but the fact is no trend or stat supports your belief… yet.


I thought I started the trend




I did say that Parish was stagnating and I got shot down for that.

He was dropped a couple of weeks later.

It’s not like I said anything controversial😊


I and some others said joe was clearly playing injured.

you know how thats gone.


Disciplined for lieing.


for what?


I agreed, but I went the path that it was simply a fitness issue. The same for Langford, lacked the necessary fitness plus he needed to study up on a new role and get some practice at it where the result has less significance. Both have a few years before they peak and what a sight it will be.


In a lot of ways the two players are polar opposites.

Parish is more inside when everything says he shouldn’t be and Langford is the opposite.

I value players that can cut sides apart rather than grind them away.

It’s why you will never hear me asking for Wallis on here.

I think Parish can be a good player and I’m pretty confident he will. I just think that Langford will be a star.

The annoying thing is that Langford is playing mostly that forward/midfield utility role when he should be on ball all the time.

I can see why they are doing it though as we are still a slim chance of finals.


Do you think it’s a combination of his height and strength up fwd, maturity/experience and coaches lack of confidence in defensive pressure for the time being that’s holding Langford back from the role you want him to play?


When everyone converts… Please.

Only Muppets thought Parish wasn’t any good. 90+% of blitz have been big fans of Darcy from the get go.

But please carry on being smug.


The only person not on board is the one posting after you


and all the nuts going on about clayton oliver, but please keep trying.


Best to ignore them. You may as well get upset about not drafting Chris Judd if you’re going to worry about players we never had access to


parish looks to have soaked up Langford’s midfield minutes.

It’s part of the reason I was so hard on Parish earlier. Langford cane in and really started to show his worth.

Langford is very good at the defensive stuff so I can’t see that being the issue. He chases and does all the 1%’s.

The only thing holding Langford back in my opinion is belief from the coaches. He’s clearly not going to have the impact straight away but he needs more exposure.

I have watched him a lot in the VFL and his tool kit is big and when it all clicks he will be a player.


the only one soaking up langfords minutes is myers.

you’re deranged on this.


No one is soaking up Langford’s midfield minutes. He is playing as a mid, and as a forward. Just like Stringer is.


All the injuries to our forwards are soaking up Langford’s midfield minutes