#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


I love Langford.

But RIGHT NOW if Langford was a better on-baller than Parish he’d be playing more on the ball.

But he’s not RIGHT NOW.

Parish hunts the footy. Langford is still learning this.


Parish brings an urgency to our ball movement in the contest that basically only zach brings.


I think it’s more of a case of Langford being better forward.


Correct. He actually has the ability to take the ball away from the contested situation. I would also include Stringer in that group.

Parish’s movement in stoppages reminds me a lot of Ben Cousins.


Just to qualify my statement THE Langford and Raz are my 2 favourite players.

But Parish has come in and played better football than Kyle in the last few weeks, simple. Has nothing to do with positions but I also couldn’t be happier with the way they have both developed in 2018.

Just let it go man.


Stop asking me about it and I will let it go.


Urgency is a very good description.

Seriously though, how good is it to be arguing the toss over who is developing as a better midfielder out of two young guns who are 20 odd years of age. It’s exciting.


They’re a very nice mix IMO. Darcy super good within that 5m of the contest
Langford super good vision of what’s 30m upfield.
They’ll work well.


… and who you think is the better player may simply be your own personal preference of which playing style you prefer.


Francis is going to be so much better than both of them.



Laverde will reign supreme


Did parish seem to go up several levels after that heeney bullshit 50?

plays angry.


Grew up with Mathieson giving each other headlocks and nipple cripples.


Why would you laugh at that? It’s the truth


Didn’t he only play like 1 game then got injured then came straight back in?


3 games


Broken up by a injury though so hardly time to find brilliant form. He is just a natural at AFL imo.


Makes you wonder why he was playing VFL then


can you go back to wanking off to yourself in the langford thread and ■■■■ off out of here?


Have I said something that has offended you?