#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


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I think Aboods raised a perfectly good point.

Darcy was sent back to the VFL to work on his game and he has done so.

Not sure how the commentators are wrong with their comments.

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Not sure why you came back with the smart-■■■■ comment? He barely had time to work on much in the VFL due to injury and then needed to come in and has played well after a couple of games. I know why they initially dropped him though and didn’t disagree with it.

To me it shows he is a natural AFL player.


His form was average at best. Has come back sensationally. Best form of his career I would think?


I’m not disagreeing with his return, he’s been very good.

I just don’t think its an unreasonable suggestion that from the commentators.

If you believe that Langford has been developed well then why is it unreasonable to think that Parish is being handled well?

What part of the below statement doesn’t add up to you?

"Had to laugh at Roos & Dunstall on post match fox banging on about how Darc has done well to go back to the vfl and find form."


3 games as KM said. I’m pretty sure it was 2 straight after being dropped, then he got injured and played 1 more after injury, which was his best.

Supposedly did a lot of running during his layoff, which seems to have helped.
His form since his layoff has been much better than before.


I honestly don’t get the attitude towards KM about Parish.
He has never at any point said that Parish is no good. He’s always basically said he’s a very solid player but he doesn’t think he’ll become a star.

Why is everyone so precious about this being said about Parish?
What about people saying the same thing about Guelfi? Or the stupid spud comments that people regularly throw around about other players.

Parish’s form was poor earlier in the year. KM rightly pointed out that based on his form at the time, his spot was one that should be up for grabs for players like Langford to be given another chance. Ultimately that’s exactly what happened and in the long run it seems to be working out well for both players.


Alex is acting like a little ■■■■■


I’ll caveat this first I am not saying Parish is Judd.


I have not seen a guy move through a stoppages and collect and dish like Parish does since Judd. They are every different players with very different attributes. But the way he moves around a stoppages is excellent and boarding on unstoppable, a few extra kgs and a bit more inside time he is going to be one hell of a stoppage player.

The rest of his game still needs some work, his kicking is acurate without being penetrating and his hands a very good. I think his running is improving as he is getting more loose ball too.


its not exactly what happened, for starters parish and langford are playing in the same team, so they werent and arent really competing with each other.

its just been a plethora of passive agressive put downs/ comments/ remarks about his future, since the start of the year which has been frustrating enough, such as:

parish isnt a superstar therefore drop him
he is an outside player but has bad kicking
hes vanilla
never going to be big enough to play genuine inside mid
parish doesnt have any real strengths
dont think hes what we need
runs to the pot where you are least likely to get it, reminds me of jetta
doesnt have the ability to get involved and i dont think it will ever vhange
I think that him being a high pick is what is keeping him at the team in at the moment
dont think he has enough tricks and I dont believe he ever will
doesnt have hurt factor
parish is a crab
i would shop him around a bit
dont believe parish will be anything other than a role player
parish for mine lacks class and any damaging weapons, that puts him in the myers category
I would love for him to become elite, one less player we need to trade
think people just need to get used to the fact that Langford will undoubtedly be the better player

then getting sarcastic with IT when IT described him as a ‘natural at AFL’ level, despite him playing 2 career best games in the last 3 weeks.

I understand that the points KM made re Parish’s spot being up for grabs at the start of the year are fair enough, but to still be looking for an opportunity for a passive aggressive at this point in time makes me feel like any discussion he has tried to raise in this thread was, and will be, probably disingenuous, thus the outburst and just wanting him to bugger off for a while.


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