#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


Parish🙌starting to show why he was a high pick👌


Has always reminded me of Nath Jones, with Cousins’ swagger.

Hopefully he keeps his hair and his sobriety


Its just good to see that Parish is taking his game higher. I was a little disappointed with how things were going at the start of the year and it made sense for him to be given a run in the VFL. It appears that he really put the forced layoff due to the thumb injury to good use.

I don’t know what Parish’s ceiling is, but I think if he does the work he will be very important in our midfield. Not all our players are going to be elite for us to be a premiership side. I am expecting that Parish can be A grade for us to get a good return from pick 5. If he proves to be elite level, so much the better.

Do think that pick 6 from that draft has the higher ceiling, hope both ceilings are high.


Could be the next Rory Sloan


lololol you think parish is judd lolololol


Great young talent. Zippy. Has a very good looking misses. Lightning hands. Improved tank. Tracking beautifully.


Has come back from the thumb injury better than ever. Tracking beautifully.


One thing I’d like to see is some more willingness to have a shot on the run. After that awesome memory of him slotting the winner against Melbourne in 2016 - he appears to opt for the handball a lot when running inside 50, even when he has space to steady and have a shot. Might be a confidence thing as he missed a few chances early in the year - but would love for him to start nailing these running shots - Zaharakis-style.


Weak AF today, btched out of so many tackles today. Absolutely fuming over his butterfly performance today.

How can a mid have a total of 1 tackle.


3 steps forward 10 steps back

have no idea who that pissweak coward was out there in darcy’s jumper, because darcy has never put in a weak effort in his time at essendon like the many we saw today


Failed to make any tackles stick and decision making skills have collapsed. First and only instinct to lay the ball off is predictable and invariably runs us into congestion and a turnover.


Never going to be a star dosen’t do enough to justify us using pick 5


Charlie Curnow (pick 11), Daniel Rioli (pick 15). I would be pointing a finger or two at our recruiting people.


He had two career best games in a row just a fortnight ago FFS. This season has been ■■■■■■ for him injury and form wise.


I actually thought he was OK today. He seemed to be doing a lot of the hard work today.


Doesn’t matter, people are going to see what they want to see. After a loss there is a need to find someone to blame.


Some historically quality posters bobbing up like aerated turds after a loss. No surprises there.


Seriously how many reactionary fkwits can you fit on a forum.
Just ■■■■ off the lot of you.
4 points. Morons.


Are they who you would’ve picked?

How about who was taken between Parish and those two, what about those teams?


Same guys that picked:

Please go on mate…