#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


give it time his career is far from over


I really rate Parish, but he seriously drifts out of games in the second half. Even his good games.

I don’t know whether it’s conditioning or lack of focus or experience or whatever, but if he can sort it out we’d really have a player on our hands


Was every where early in the game and then went mia again


3-4 kg in off season and he’ll be a beaut next year


He is going to be even better with another preseason under his belt. Does some nice things.


This was back to the Parish of every other game. He was great early, and then faded badly again, I think he had 11 possessions in the first quarter and then he ended up with only 11 more for the next three quarters with 14 of his 22 possessions handballs. I have no idea why this happens or because we aren’t giving him midfield time or maybe he just is like that kid that sees a Butterfly on the sidelines and loses interest in the game but if we actually got first quarter Parish for four quarters every game he’d be a gun. Until then he’s just another inconsistent player blah blah young kid etc.


3-4kg,stronger and more power.
A greater ability to win a hard ball and cop a tackle whilst still getting rid of the pill.
As some insiders have said,will do everything to get the best out of himself.


Can’t believe it took you until the final sentence to get to the salient point.


I’m happy with him handballing a lot. He can be our Matt Crouch type. But his endurance / consistency of performance in second halves needs to improve


All but 2 of our midfielders need to be able to play in alternate positions, because we cycle players through there so much. Darcy tends to be tog 80% and of the 80% less than 20% tog as an inside mid. He is not very effective as a hff and yesterday seemed to go to stoppages fairly rarely. Contrast that with Mitchell and Merret. They were either on the ball 90% tog or on the bench. It is said both Zerret and Mitchell are guns, true but they are essentially on the ball for the whole game. For the amount of time Darcy was on the ball 22 disposals was quite OK. I dont think he should be delisted.


He’ll always be a jack-of-all-trades, his best trait is his craft around the stoppages, it won’t be until he builds his body strength and his running to AFL levels that we’ll start to see him blossom


At present, yes, but we would certainly want him to sharpen up with his kicking and turn it into an offensive weapon in the near future, especially given the make-up of our on-ballers.

Hep mostly kicks loopy floaters, Myers likes to dump kick it, McGrath, while still young, lacks penetration and prefers to handball as a default instinct also.
Zaka is neither here no there, Smith is mostly decent. The only two who I consider to have genuinely good footskills that can break things open are Zerrett and Langford. I can see why we try to run Tippa and Raz through there at times for their creative and pin-point use by foot.

The progression of Parish and McGrath in this area, as mainstays in our midfield going forward will be significant to our success.


Yeah 2-3 years away i think


Tremendous game tonight, showed why he’ll be an A grade midfielder one day.


Sat next to his Aunty and cousin. They said his 15 year old brother is an absolute gun.

Great game by Darcy “Darcy Parish” Parish.


Real good tonight.

He’s got “it”, but he’s just not yet doing it for long enough, often enough. This was a night he did.

When he’s a bit off he seems to be half a step slow and he doesn’t punch through his kicks enough.
Gunna be real good when his body’s up to the workload.


I kind of get the criticism. He was a high draft pick and all.

Where would those who are critical of him place him currently if you were to re-rate the 2015 draft.

I’d put him at 9-10.

That counter arguement of Rioli & Curnow. Sure if you rated the draft now they’d be top 5.




wanna see a player that just gets footy?

Darcy “darcy parish” parish is your man.


That’s Indi. Have heard about him for 2 years now.

On Darcy, he & Langford are developing very nicely indeed. Will be key cogs in our midfield for the next decade. Will be a very good player. His hands in close and lateral vision is very good. Future in good hands.