#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


I’m not sure that argument is as strong as you seem to think it is.


B grader.




■■■■ off! He has a great game and that’s what you bring?


please people, don’t take the bait.


tracking beautifully. Going to be a gun. A midfield of Parish, Merrett, Heppell, McGrath, Fantasia, Walla, Zaka, Stringer, Smith… plus friends… going to be tough to stop.


Love him. Seems to have so much more run in his legs since his return from injury.


I realise he’s about 1/4 the size of him - so any comparison is limited - but there is something very Jason Johnson about the way Parish hunts the ball at stoppages.


Does his best work in close


Never in doubt, DP3 can play.


His hands were magnificent, fed it out to the outside guys. Defensive pressure superb.


He’s no Langford.
But then - Langford’s no Parish.


One of the cleanest guys grabbing the footy in a pack.


Is this his best game for the club?

Been really good since the thumb.


Efficiency, effectiveness and without the ball yeah it’s right up there with his best game.

When you compare his low 20 possession game against Ross’ 40 odd Parish was way better. Ross is spudtatoes, no one should ever suggest him as a worthy trade.


I still see Ben Cousins


Yep I was thinking the same.


Are you in rehab or jail


Love how he’s always the first to get involved when there’s a scuffle.
Great game last night Darc.


Loved his game last night… Smart footballer - great awareness, quick decision maker, tough.