#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


Thats harsh mate. Vety harsh. I’m actually trying to be objective instead of critical.

9-10 in a re-rated draft (3yrs on) is actually really good. Form, fitness, development all woukd be factors

1yr on I would probably have rated him 1.

I rate him highly.

And on the flip side its tough for high draft picks from an expectations point of view. McGrath for example can only maintain or slip down the track. Its not like a Hird situation where in hindsight he would have been much higher.


i love rewriting history to ignore that curnow was being investigated by the police the week of the draft.

acting like essendon would still draft peak judd with that kind of scrutiny on us as we had in that period.


Thought he teamed really well with McGrath. And his peripheral vision must be mazing. Knows before he gets it exactly where he has to put it. Quick mind, quick hands. Also thought his kicking was great last night.


Heppell, Daniher, Merrett, Hurley, Hooker, Goddard, Stringer have all been All Australians. I can see Smith, Fantasia, Parish, McGrath and Saad all receiving that accolade. I think it was The Duck saying a similar thing in the coverage last night.
Parish is going to be a clearance machine.


You can add Francis and McKenna to the list of potential AA as well.


Parish’s hands and visions in close are superb

He and McGrath are gonna cut up teams in the centre for years to come


I’ve beem pretty critical of him.the last couple of years but i have to say he has been outstanding since returning from injury.

His work rate has lifted phenomenonally and there was a moment in the 3rd quarter where he sprinted about 50 metres to put pressure on a player he was never going to catch. The pressure caused a skill error though and darcy then followed up to the next contest to get tye ball out of bounds.

Looks to have turned a corner and long may it continue


Still haven’t even scratched the surface with this kid imho. Was born to play inside mid but frame was too light when he got drafted. Always had the knack of finding the ball and has the attitude and mongrel to do the defensive things.

I could see him and Smith squaring off of the the title of ‘tackling king’ over the next five years!

Has elite hands, kicking still lacks a little grunt/polish. A very solid pick and still plenty of upside. Love the fact that we are getting a few more guys with the ‘swagger’ back at the club. Stringer, Smith, Parish… all don’t mind strutting a little… good to see!


The main thing holding Parish back from being an A-grader is simply his fitness IMO. Has always shown he can impact a game early in quarters with generally more prolific 1st halves than the 2nd. Has a very high intensity game so you can see why he would slowly tire. Him doing a mini running preseason after his injury coinciding with career best form on his return supports this.

I think that’s a very positive thing as we will see his best very soon as he starts to hit peak fitness over the next 2-3 years. And obviously added size/strength is going to help his contested ball and ability to lay and hold tackles too.


He’s only been playing for a couple of years…does that mean you have been critical of him since he started?


Saw him do a 70m defensive sprint at nearly Saad level speed in the 4th. I was stunned. He’s faster than you expect and the tank is building fine.


Third year.


He would be an absolute gun if it wasn’t for the dodgy groins, the irregular heart beat and the ketamine addiction.

Am I doing it right Adrian?


Parish is an aerobic beast. Let’s not forget he played mostly in the guts in his first year. His first preseason he was training with the mids doing a lot of the work. No problems with his fitness. His numbers are more likely impacted by concentration, assigned role on game day.


I candidly disagree. Along with strength, fitness are his biggest deficiencies. Fitness is a catalyst to why he plays roles outside of the middle.


Amazing how many people think 3 is a couple. Kinky !


Mostly in the guts in year 1? I disagree.
I’d love to know stats on how many centre bounces he’s attended per game in each of his 3 seasons so far.


Fitness is not an issue. Darcy needs to improve his kicking, which he is working on, and he turns it over a bit too much. Both those things I expect to no longer be a problem by next year. For mine he’s tracking nicely.


Tracking very nicely.

Personally, I’d like to see him improve his marking. Not a key criteria for his role, but something I think he could improve.


Is there evidence to suggest he’s a bad kick?
I understand he doesn’t kick bullets but he’d be closer to the bottom of the list for errors by foot. He’s kicking is limited but it’s in control.