#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


Orazio has them all covered barr Smith for swagger! But i agree, add a confident McNernan and JD to that list and our forward line swaggers so much it’s no surprise they can’t kick straight!


Still needs a bit more size too. But will come with each preseason.


Put it another way… He’s a long way off our good kicks like Zerrett, Langford, Walla, McKenna etc…


legit his kicking has been good the whole season, bar a couple of blunders here and there.

he will never have bullet kicks like zach, so you can stop with that fantasy, but he has great vision and capable enough footskills to capitalise on it, and i think that showed through on a couple of occasions on the weekend.

kicking is so down on the list of things he must improve on. consistency within games and maintaining the rage that he brings to the first half of his games is what he should be working on…


He has pulled off some brilliant kicks, love his across the body kicks. Haven’t noticed anything to suggest he’s changing anything up with his kicking either.
Fitness, strength and defensive decisioning should be his goals in the short term.


You sure are


I never count the current season when talking about how long they have been playing. Strange but that’s just what I do. So when someone says they have been critical of him for a couple of years I take that to be the 2 years that have been complete, this year isn’t complete yet.


Where’s Donnington when you need him?


He’s a jack of all trades, master of one.

He just needs to go from being average at everything else, to being slightly above average and he’s a jet.




Master of one or none?


One. Clearance work is elite.


Jack-of-all-trades, master of one…

Makes you a damn useful tradesman.


A couple of his handballs in congested space were from another world - He has 360% vision.



Agree. IMO his overhead marking is more of a problem than his kicking.


Not worried about the minutiae of it Ice Temple, I saw your post as more of an opportunity to ( try to) make a suggestive joke.


I thought that was blindingly obvious.

IT must have had the serious goggles on. He usually spots the funnies.


I don’t think his kicking, or his size, or his fitness are issues, but I don’t think they’re above average. When he gets to just a bit nicer kick, and just a bit bigger, and just a bit fitter, he’s going to be very, very good.

He knows where he needs to be and what he needs to do, which is most of the battle.


Must have, I completely missed it! Doh