#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


You need to watch the game again. He wasn’t alone, but kicking was not good.


Nah don’t agree.


It was fine mate. Id be surprised if he turned the ball over by foot more than 2 times. Which is something considering our skillset.


Yep. His kicking wasn’t bad last night.


Developing very nicely. He, McGrath, Langford, Smith, Merrett, Heppell, Stringer (at times) and whoever we bring in has the makings of a deep midfield for quite a while yet. Has come on late this season, since his dropping post the Carlton match. Exciting years ahead with more experience and pre seasons under his belt.


Most overrated player on our list imo.

  • Very weak for an inside midfielder. Continually gets pushed off the ball time and time again.
  • Average to below average kicking skills
  • Doesn’t kick goals
  • Average speed

Only good thing he does is find the ball and hand ball

Extremely overrated. Have my doubts about him.


Not many midfielders under 6 foot have been better within their first 3 years.

  • he is not ‘very weak’. He’s no more ‘weak’ than Zach Merrett
  • his kicking has been fine this season, not superb but heck id even put his kicking performance this season as slightly above average
  • he has kicked scores in 9 of the 13/14 games he has played this year… And he kicked a goal last night, so he gets his opportunities
  • i agree his speed is average

I really think people have anti-parish goggles on at times. He was one of our best in the last quarter IMO and was instrumental at some stoppages.

The amount of negativity is getting to me. I can start to see how some players become whipping boys, just the constant nitpicking that grows and grows and grows until he is nitpicked to death and eventually blamed for everything


Donnington please


And anti-Heppell

Meanwhile Merrett, Smith and Langford can do no wrong.


Irony. What goggles you wearing in the Zaka thread?


Are you trying to suggest zaka goes hard at the footy and has good delivery going inside 50?


It’s a fair point.


what is a donnington


A man so homoerotically engorged by Guelfi that he has transcended the earthly realm of blitz.


Wrote good fan fic tho


I think you just played on and got caught.


I think that’s now 27 of our best 22 who are crap or overrated in tour book.


“Fine” is not the adjective for his kick on goal last night.

May be appropriate as a noun though.


Were you Donnington in another life?