#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


I miss @Donnington

Where is that well read and sexually ambiguous poet?


Not to mention his prodigious rippling 14 year old muscles.


l have my own doubts about you. Extremely overrated.


Almost like he was describing himself.


Can we delist, trade, cannon him into the sun?


can we cannon the cannon into the sun too?




much improved since he came back from injury. However, his kicking does need improving. He has a bad habit of his set shots for goal all sliding off the right side. His set shot against Richmond was very costly, and was the same error he has made all year.
No doubt he is growing into a great midfielder for us, exciting that there is still more improvement to come from him.


We’re gonna need a bigger cannon


what if skippy and harvz were in it?


We’d just fire as per normal
Then reload for the next shot


If he can make that game the standard then Parish will be an absolute gun in years to come.


Since coming back into the side he has been. Doesn’t get noticed that much though and he should.


Very impressive tonight.


He just reminds me of Cousins in the way he plays. If he can build from here our midfield really looks good


Geez this kid is turning into a really good player. Was BOG for me tonight.


He’s been really good since he’s come back.


Yep, gets his weight down really low, in the same way - for a guy who’s not actually that small.


His work inside is getting better and better every week. That’s his elite talent.


Certainly improving, playing some really good footy.