#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


Is coming in nicely now. Will form the nucleus of a string midfield in the future with Langford, Heppell, Smith, McGrath etc. another pre season under his belt in 2019, will get better again.


Had a fantastic game. In my best 5.


Class act


he does this amazing thing that when he handpasses in congestion, he puts it to the hands of his teammates. alien concept.


Goes to show that dropping players that usually wouldn’t is sometimes good for the team. He’s been fantastic since coming back into the side. Can see him elevating himself next year, top 3 best and fairest.


Kicked more aggressively tonight, took on angles, kept it low and quick and hit targets. Exactly what we’ve wanted to see. Looks set for a huge preseason






Next Year this guy goes to the next level. He is ready.


I would like to know how he “unwittingly” played through a broken thumb… wtf is wrong with our medical team that they don’t pick up on injuries that require surgery?!

Also if the break for surgery allowed him time to have a ‘mini preseason’ and ‘get fit enough’ then why didn’t he do that in proper preseason? Why did he come into the season underdone and why wasn’t that identified earlier?

So many questions relating to the start of our season and all of them point to the fact that we were playing a squad that wasn’t ready fitness wise and a lot carrying significant injuries (not just niggles) and it cost us an entire season in the end.

What is done is done… but I hope that we don’t repeat the mistakes next year. I also hope that serious questions are being asked as to why it happened.


He’s a young player and each preseason has cumulative benefits.

As a third year player he had only done 2 full preseasons. So was never at his athletic potential. The mini pre season mid year has accelerated his development.

One more proper preseason this off season and he is primed.


The Parish was awesome playing under the milky way last night. Could see how hard he was pushing, legs full of lactic acid covering the ground up and back. His running looked a lot like a mixture between Cousins and Sloane.

Jack of all trades type, doesn’t excel in a particular aspect physically.
I remember going to a training session when he just got dropped and was doing extra fitness training. My assumption was even without the thumb surgery he would have spent a month outside of AFL working on his tank.
I really hope he does everything he can to have a great next season by doing his own training outside of the preseason. Zaka does running in America, Oliver set a preseason goal to swim over 100km to increase fitness. Hopefully he does something like that.


In my best 2.


Broken thumb happened through the game, not uncommon for player to play through the pain with those sorts of injuries.


How are the medical staff supposed to diagnose a broken thumb if they don’t know to look for it? You can’t just look at someone and see that their thumb is broken. Until Parish comes to them and says he thinks there’s something wrong with his thumb what are they supposed to do?

As for the mini-preseason, you can’t do pre-season fitness loads in season when you need to conserve your energy and body for the weekends game and spend half your week in recovery. If he does that all that running on top of playing games he’d be moving like he’s stuck in mud and/or getting injured. He didn’t come into the season underdone, he’s just a kid who’s fitness is a work in progress, like everyone else who comes into the AFL.

There’s nothing to indicate that the playing list overall was unfit at the start of the year. We’ve generally run games out well, and most of our serious injuries haven’t been soft tissues. You can kick and scream about JD being mismanaged if you like (without any actual evidence one way or another) but in regards to the rest of the list it’s just nonsense.

Serious questions do need to be asked about this year, but it’s just as important to identify the right issues as it is to address them.


Kicking seems to improved a bit since he came back. Actually seems almost better on his left than his right foot now.


At the Port game I noticed just how often he was the extra Man in getting to the contest or applying pressure, he done so much more then you could see on the TV. He was simply awesome.


A classic Bomber Thompson outnumberer


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