#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


Kane Cornes’s call on our 2015 draft is looking a tad threadbare.

But, then again, the Cornes family are all knobshines.


what did he say about it?


Parish, Francis, Tippa, Brown, Redman and Hartley. That could be one of our best drafts of all time when those guys are all done


We’ve had a few of those in the last few years


Parish is no good and Francis is a wasted pick. About June this year on sen.com.au
Post was attached somewhere…no idea where.


I don’t mind Graham.


The extra running Darcy did when out with the thumb has been the penny dropper for him I reckon.

Just getting to ,and influencing,more contests- hence more of the ball.

And better decision making,as not so fatigued.


Getting dropped would have given him the kick up the backside. The injury gave him time to tinker with his running program.

Hopefully he takes something out of it that he can apply to his preseason


We also may be using him / others slightly differently to get best out of them.

I.e. Smith playing a more HFF/mid role and Parish just a lot more at the contest.

I’m only guessing here however, but these are likely the kinds of things that are part of this learning phase Woosh goes on about.


Yes thats it. I think he has no choice if he’s to live up to expectations.
That,and more core strength/muscle mass will hold him in good stead.




If we get really unlucky in the trade period and pick up no one I think Parish’s improvement, Daniher and Fantasia being fit can incredibly improve our team.
Parish could take a huge leap next year, it may get squashed by tags but that will open up other players to dominate.


Running is the most import attribute for him, strength and size will come (although its not exactly holding him back atm) but by increasing his running capacity he’ll get to more contests, apply more pressure, improve his disposal and his spread.


Thats it.


Lad upped his fitness due to getting injured and having nothing else to do.

Comes back into the side and suddenly is now able to play AFL with the same influence he had on a game as a junior.

You could just tell the kid loves it.

You’d better believe he will be running himself into the ground this preseason because the kid loves to win and now knows what he needs to do to make that happen.


Needs more Alex Morgan!


Is what North fans are saying about his ability to win the ball


Did anyone else watch tonight’s game and think about how important Parish is to us next year? Very very important I reckon, needs to really step up. Has to build his running and two way defensive efforts, and needs to build his size which can definitely be done over this preseason. You watch teams likes the Pies and Tigers, they have mids that can just run and run and run all day, apply pressure and win contested ball at all costs. Parish is a prototype for this type of player. He is seriously manic at the contest, loves winning his own ball and a very smart and quick thinking player. Perfect player we need to step up to be the modern midfielder. Hoping for a massive preseason and big 2019.




And yet none of them are regular first team players yet. Get a grip