#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


Half of those names are exactly that right now. Tippa and parish have been permanent fixtures since their first games. Francis will never go back to the vfl again. I wouldn’t be surprised if Redman played most of next year. Brown and Hartley are depth players. They also came for picks 54 and 78.


Needs to improve again,as he did when je came back from his thumb injury.


Yes. Had the exact thought. If we are going to be good, it’s someone like Parish who needs to go to the next level.


One thing’s for sure…you won’t beat the current top teams if you have any more than one one-way runner. It’s all about frantic pressure around the ball.


Which in my mind is the only reason Goddard didn’t get asked to play on.


That, and his lack of pace forced us to play a game style that just won’t win big games against big opposition.


And his stance on Pretzels goes against the clubs values.


I’m hoping Parish can have a Brayshaw like break out year next year, Parish will be 22 and Brayshaw was 22 this year. I reckon he started putting it together in the second half of the year and if he has a big year we’re set.


I hope he’s working with whoever helped Jobe with his kicking.


So the key to success is mega tight underwear?


Worked for Superman.


Ball singular?

One thing about the two prelims is that a big bloke taking big grabs is still of great value.


The real value is if they can kick straight after their big grabs.


Sounds like he’s seen the Russian surgeon, Ivor Nakaroff.

As opposed to the sex-change surgeon, Katya Kokoff.


Sukmeov was BJs Russian name.


Gillon must be hangin looose, or is a 30 ■■■■ a day man.


Been watching a few replays here and there and something has been standing out to me about this guy. Is his left foot better than his right?


I think it might be i noticed this late in the season too.


Hey speak for yourself

Dammit AN10


Still on?