#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


2018 Avg

15 games
Disposal 20.3
Tackles 3.5
Clearances 3.4
Clangers 1.7

16 games
D 17.9
T 4.9
Cle 2.2
Cla 1.8

Think they are both tracking well for young players.


Sure. I like that restaurant.


One is gonna be a Superstar of the competition, and one is a b-grade plodder.


Don’t need to ask @Killer_Mike which is which.


Has this bloke started pre-season yet? I’ve seen Francis training already.

I am very interested in seeing how he goes … I get the feeling that the Shiel in, is going to impact on Parish the most. So I’d be wanting to see him attack this pre-season with gusto to give himself the best chance of having a big year


He has. EFC posted the photos during the week


That’s Redman isn’t it??


Those boots look farking mint


No, it’s Parish.


Darcy’s younger brother making a good recovery…https://colacherald.com.au/2018/11/talented-juniors-open-heart-surgery-repairs-defect/


When did his hair turn red?


Looks like he has some spectacles on his forehead


It didn’t.
It’s the combination of light, sweat, and the angle of the pic making it look that colour.


Would you believe that I am so terrible with faces that I can’t tell who is taking the ■■■■…

Takes me a game or two to get my eye in each year from the nose bleeds.


He has filled out, similar to McGrath.


He’s really filled out, best he’s ever looked, break out season, luscious hair etc


When this guy (along with a few other youngsters) fulfill their potential = we win the flag. Here’s hoping that’s just around the corner


watch us grab a star or 2 in this draft who will add to our depth


Can he be another Lenny Hayes?


That’s just so crazy it might work