#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


How about Darcy ‘Darcy Parish’ Parish. :hugs:



Then when can have Slice and Dys in the centre bounces and at stoppages


Nearly as good a combo as …


Sheik and baked Ham might be an option off the HB line


please ■■■■■■■ stop


B-grade plodder.


So is the group avoidance of ‘pazza’ subconscious, or…


I see that Macaulay Culkin has held a poll to get a new middle name. The winning name was “Macaulay Culkin” ergo Macaulay "Macaulay Culkin " Culkin . Damn seppos always appropriating other cultures longstanding traditions, hair and all.



Since he kicked 'that" goal against Melbourne, he’s been DAR-CEEE FAR-KING PARISH!!!

Later quite naturally shortened to DFP.

That, Darce, or Parra is all I got.


Back to football, I’ve got a real feeling he takes a big step in 2019, he ended up down the midfield pecking order last year but I reckon he goes under the radar and ends up top 4 of our midfield by seasons end. Full potential Parish, Smith, Merret and Sheil… oh my.


l feel something similar is going to happen. Big ask to end top 4 in our midfield, but when he is called upon to go on the ball, he will shine and there will be no appreciable drop off in pressure or quality. He is set to shine. Opposition fans will come to dread seeing him in the centre.


No no DP


I agree to an extent.
Darc is the player I’m excited about.
He won’t be our number 1 go to on baller, however an integral bull in the guts.
Going under the radar around these parts, i think he made massive in roads in 2018.
Look out this is our man!!!


You’ve done well to pick just one. I’ve got about 10.


I’ve got concerns. Might be tradable at the end of the year.


You’re mistaking this for the Ricky Dyson thread.



I can see Parish being top 4 at stoppages but mayb not top 4 midfielder.
He’s biggest strength is in tight and is getting to the age and size to play in there permanently.
The midfielder you want to protect and give a clear run at is Shiel and I’d suggest Parish is next in line. Both have the ability to burst out.

Most powerful centre clearance group - Hep, Myers & Shiel.
Balanced rotation 1 - Hep, Smith & Shiel
Balanced rotation 2 - Myers, Merrett & Parish


I’ll be pleasantly surprised if he’s ahead of Zaharakis, McGrath and Langford at the end of the year.

Zerrett, Sheil, Heppell and Smith all well ahead.

I see Parish as a solid foot soldier. Hopefully he proves me wrong and becomes much more


I think he’s already proven you wrong there. Close to the cleverest and quickest hands out of traffic, goal sense and speed, and I reckon he’s learning a lot from Devon Smith about turning mongrel into effective aggression.