#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


No he’s not close to proving me wrong. He does some good things and has good patches but he doesn’t do it for long enough and he’s rarely been one of the best 4 or 5 on the ground for us.

  • goal sense… yeah nah… 5 goals for the season well and truly says otherwise.
  • he’s not fast. He’s not slow either but he’s by no means fast.

I want him to be a gun and I think he can be a very good inside mid, I just think he’s unlikely to make it into the bracket of top 4 mid on the list. To me guys like Langford and McGrath have a lot more upside


if you want to see parish at his best, rewatch that game where zerrett almost got KO’d and was out for a quarter. the darc absolutely bossed it.


He’s better than foot soldier.
Howlett, hocking, D Myers were/are foot soldiers. Parish is a genuine craftsman to me. One of our best at working the ball out of the stoppage. Beautiful read on the tap and lovely hands.
He’s just not up to dominating games, yet.
But it’s a very nice starting point.

Keep in mind he’s 21…


I stand by what me and @Reboot were saying, 100% pure natural footballer. gets the game on a level most wish they could.



When he gets a bit bigger and stronger and fitter he’ll be a real handful.


I’d flip that and say parish will be one of the ones looking after sheil.

I don’t understand anything else you’ve said.


Agreed. That was 2017 though. I’m not sure he played any games in 2018 to that level.
If he does that more often then fantastic


It was an interesting draft in that Jackets went for two “pure” footballers in Parish & Francis.

Not surprised that we’ve had to wait a bit for this talented twosome to develop the other “athletic” aspects of modern footy.
Many draftees have a steady but limited ceiling- you can learn some positioning & tactics but you can’t really teach that instinctive reading of the game.


Anything can be taught.
Kicking, reading, positioning, whatever.
It just takes time.


Maybe foot soldier is the wrong word. I don’t see him ever being better than our 4th or 5th best mid. That’s not a bad thing, I still think he’ll be a very good player. Just not a star.


I think that’s a very pessimistic, almost worst case scenario.


Parish is to me our most interesting player this year. This is a massive year for him.

Can he step up to be a contributing part of our best midfield … Heppell, Shiel, Merrett, Zaharakis, Smith, Langford, Myers and arguably McGrath are all ahead of him.

It’s difficult to compare players, but from his draft Oliver is a million miles in front of him and I would want to see him to really develop this year. To his credit, looking at the training pics, he looks to be adding bulk to his frame which shows that he must be working hard. I’m backing him in, but I’m not fully sold (he did get dropped last season)


Don’t mind these two as rear gaurders, but not filled with confidence by our middle order.

I’d even take a hacker like pujara


I really like Shaun Marsh. Not in a bend it like Beckham manner might I add.

He’s our best player of spin, can guts it out if he gets a start and is just a pure a hitter as you can get.

I also think he just reminds me so much of his old man he fills me with a subconscious trust he will be left with cockies and plastic salad containers when the bomb hits.


I think Parish is better than Marsh though


Good one @Sameolds2010


Having quick hands is one thing but to be creative is another.

Both Parish and McGrath for mine can dish it off quickly in traffic but they are generally short options in close to someone that’s in only a slightly better position.

Having guys like Sheil and Stringer in midfield that can breakaway will make those handballs valuable but I would still like to see both open the play up a little more like Jobe could do with his peripheral vision.

McGrath has other tricks so I don’t have as many concerns about his ability but Parish needs to start adding some extra tricks to his repertoire.

I apologise in advance for my opinion.




I think Heppel, Sheil, Smith, Merrett and Zaharakis are all ahead of him as a mid. That isn’t such a bad thing considering he is 21 and I think he has shown some real pure inside mid traits. I think his biggest challenge is his ability to play well outside the contest. Can he offer something on a flank or a wing and I think at this point it’s been a struggle for him. Everyone was upset he got pushed out in 17 but imo he needs to play more outside the contest and broaden his game. Who knows perhaps he will just become better than all of them as a pure midfielder and it won’t matter but I think it’s a genuine challenge for him.


■■■■■■ hell.