#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


Yep mid 90’s before the feet issues, he was very well built.


Sorry Darcy


The 4th or 5th best mid in a premiership side is a star, just saying


I presume Marsh was a useless utility that couldn’t play any position particularly well.


Nah, he monopolised a pivotal structural role integral to the success of the team, and he was garbage…


People hold onto this like it some black mark on someones career that they will never remove the stain of. Here’s a few notable names who I could think of off the top of my head who have definitely been dropped once they were somewhat established players: Watson, Misiti, Caracella, Stanton, Hille, Bellchambers. Moorcroft was dropped from the senior list and ended up a Premiership player




Simon Madden played in the reserves
So did Max Crow


Surely you can’t be serious.


Don’t call him that


After Darce was dropped, he came back and played the way I think everyone at the club hoped he would from the start of the season.

He was awesome and is such an effective linking midfielder when we are in open play.

So instinctual, great running patterns, clean and soft hands and most importantly, has mongrel. Whenever I think of Darcy I’m reminded of the saying: “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”

I think he’ll have a great 2019.


I’ve read a couple of people saying that. Why are we trading him? What’s the benefit to us? Natural midfielder who will play inside even though on the small side. Has hardly missed a game since drafted. What we get for him would be less than his worth to us??


I’m hoping he can become a little ball of muscle, then we can call him The Swedish Meatball


Reckon pick 7-13


You are right but I wouldn’t be against trading him if it helped us get a Jobe replacement


So a downgrade on his original pick and you reckon we’d get someone better?

You really hated your Christmas socks didn’t you?


The list of players that you would trade Darcy for is quite short, and for most of them, Darcy would be the steak knives.

Anyways, perhaps we should wait until after round 2 before we derail threads with silly trade talks.


I think players lose thier trade value once they get picked that’s unless they become a gun.


Only if he wanted out and was part of a trade for Kelly or Coniglio.


If Nino is happy to trade him, then it’s a ridiculous idea ipso facto quod erat demonstrandum and in flagrante delicto.