#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


Lock thread time.


You’re only as good as your last game.

Unless you are Darcy Parish, and then you are only as good as the game before you got dropped that time.


Top 5 B and F coming up.


@Killer_Mike in 3… 2… 1…




I can only assume we’ve been avoiding the obvious, for an equally obvious reason.


Scorch agrees with finding nino. Says it all



You see Paul, trading for midfielders is like making love to a beautiful woman…


“I think we should trade Darcy Parish, so that we can get a highly rated young midfielder to rebuild our midfield around…”

Do you people actually think before you type?


so you’re saying, trade myers?


Goodness me, there’s a heap of crap posted in here!!!


Define ‘here’


Darcy is going to be a very very good inside mid.
Another couple of years before he kills it on a regular basis, but it’s coming.
This kid is a slow burn, but worth the wait imo.


There have been plenty of mids in AFL history “without tricks” who just keep getting the footy and rack up 30 every week. Parish seems like one of those.

If they can kick goals too they become gold.

I always think back to the goal he kicked to seal the match against Melbourne in our banned year. It was a very big moment for our club.


Spot on, will find & dish the ball out to our runners mostly to the right option.

Whats more, Darcy will ‘find the ball early’, cause he knows where its gunna be before most.

Really like him as a player already and he will only get better


I have to admit that my commitment was starting to waver a little. But his return could not have been more impressive.


Slow burn? What the fark is Francis then?

Parish has played 55 games @ 21 disposals, 3.5 marks and 3.3 tackles.
Francis has played 10 games in the same time.

But apparently Parish is a concern and we should trade him and Francis is superstar around who our next premiership will be built.



You do realise that 'Boot is actually a supporter of Parish?


And of Francis?