#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


What would he know. He’s just a grumpy old man.

*I was more having a crack at Blitz in general.


yeah reboot you idiot.


I thought he meant slow bum as in he had to get his ar$e into gear


It’s still very early in Parrish’s career. There’s a few guys ahead of him ATM but he’s part of the next wave along with McGrath, Langford, Laverde. The future looks good.


The parishioner.

Answers to no one but god.



I like that one. Hope it sticks.


Parsnips close second


No he meant he is a developing player not a quick out of the blocks like Judd player.


Just to be a smartarse…



Parish is going to be a star. In three years he and McGrath will be our best two midfielders.


Going past Merrett is a pretty big step. I don’t think either have the hurt factor in their kicking to achieve that.

… which still leaves a hell of a lot of room for them to be very good players.


Wouldn’t it be great though I we had a side where Merrett was the 3rd and Shiel the 4th best midfielder?


It would, but I think it’s fantasy land stuff


I like fantasies


Come Dasher, come Stringer, come Tippa, come Blitzen.




That is, indeed, the joke.


l like Dasher for Parish’s nickname. l will use it.


Would be a better name if he was fast


I really want to give that a like because it made me laugh out loud but it might get me in trouble