#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


Boy oh boy he’s a midfielder and a darn good midfielder


Yep he really does


And so ends the David Myers Saga


Keep him in the guts. Great day young man.


Played better than Langford.



A few more games like that and he’ll have trade value at the end of the season


Pray for @Killer_Mike


Dear Worsfold




Gun. Leave him in John.


Why waste time with Fkg Myers when this guy shows that. The match committee is delusional if… sorry… when Myer ms walks back in next week and parish is sent to HFF again


See what happens when you get a real clearance player to play around the footy. He hunts the footy and makes the rest look slow.


Only way Myers plays next week is as a ruck. He can’t be as bad as the other two!


We have discovered a player tonight.

What, only took 3 years after his debut…never move this kid out of the midfield.

Thanks for you career David Myers, I’m serious about that, Darcy ended his tonight.


but he is only a one paced player, surely?


Credit to him, thought he was good.

Needs to continue to build but was very good tonight.


His legs might be one paced, but his mind has many gears.


Their not, just some people are blind.




Best game I’ve seen him play that’s the standard he needs to play at each week.


This is what he can bring. Put him in the guts and leave him there.