#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


Who was more influential
Oliver and weiderman vas parish and Francis?


Rhetorical question?


I think he played good


Loves playing against the Dees…


I’ve always backed Parish.

How you feeling @Killer_Mike? How’s the egg on your face?
I hope it’s runny and rotten!


I gave credit for a good game.

Let’s not get carried away after one game.

His kicking needs lots of work and he played mostly an outside game.

Something to build in though.


:egg: :fist_right::slightly_smiling_face:


He’s made it?


14 contested not too outside


Why don’t you just enjoy the win instead of point scoring? He played well as did the whole team. Enjoy it.


Agree…Best ive seen from him


It was a big step. We’ll bank it.


It was!

He attacked the game tonight via kicking even though he missed targets.

That’s what he needs to keep doing.

Both times when he has been dropped has been after a few games of just handballing.

He’s learning.


Nice backhanded compliment.

I actually admire your stubbornness.


Favourite moment was when he was at an all important centre bounce and opposite him was Oliver, the player some on here love to compare Parish to, and BANG he got the clearance , inside 50 entry and Smith goals. Was beautiful.


I admire your admiration for Parish


No. Which is why I was so pleased with the late change


11 score involvements


Played like he did in that final against Sydney, just loves getting his hands dirty.


Pure midfielder in his draft year turns out to be a pure midfielder at AFL level? Unheard of.

Great stuff, Darcy.