#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


Close DFP, … very close. Should’ve / could’ve got the 3, but you did kinda get the sealer again.
Bit down on the tackle count, … but we’ll chat, … :smirk:


I swear he laid more tackles than that.


Yeah, I would have said so too.


Could be a good lesson here in sticking by one of our own with plenty of talent knowing they will get there. Maybe we should apply it with Langford rather than abandoning ship the second they struggle a bit.

Thought Darcy was very good today, really happy for him and what he means for the team.


Don’t hold your breathe.

Blitz hates Langford.


Seemed to be able to absorb some hits today and get the footy on.


I totally expect him to play forward pocket next week when Myers returns!


Lang will be back. Don’t panic.


I have no doubt.


And he should be able to, … he’s certainly put on some meat.

Coming along just nice.


Hunter Parish


Well done Darcy. You have set the standard now. Terrific game.


Good game son

Needs to tidy up that kicking when under no pressure & missed a few goals that I thought would cost us but then nailed the important one.


Gave all night , probably his best all round game, kept his focus on the footy.


Just has heart and gives 100% effort.

As long as he is played in his best position which is on the ball.

Put on some great tackles tonight and has an uncanny ability to always be involved in our chains in transition.

Knows how to find the ball and have a positive influence for his team. Just leave him on the ball. Simple.


Great hands


Love him.


I like his pace when he is able to break free in our middle chains going forward. Definitely likes playing the dees thats for sure!


Like Ive been saying for 18 months, potentially our Sloan. He will get better if he is olayed in his natural position.

Could of easily kicked 3 or 4 goals tonight…imagine if he did !


Fkg Concur