#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


Lol you guys were singing his praises a couple of weeks ago.

He showed his potential a couple of weeks ago and now he has to fight back to that level.

Dropping blokes every second week does nothing for their confidence.

Would love for him to play on Sidebottom on Anzac Day and try and nullify his influence around stoppages and more importantly run with him on the outside.

I know Woosha doesn’t like that though.


Darcy’s kicking let him down yesterday.

His running and quick hands were quite reasoanable.

The only way he is going to get better is to play more games, and work on these weaknesses. He’s too good for VFL.


He shanked two in a row and the second resulted in a direct goal. Has to get that out of his game and it’s clearly a confidence thing, you can see it in his face - he doesn’t get over it quick enough. Don’t mind this as it means he’s passionate, but the more he soaks up from a Devon Smith the better. Just get on with it and you’ll be a vital cog in an emerging power midfield.


Further to this I’d love to see him thrown in and under all day v pies, just run him ragged and have him come out the end with a bandaged head and a medal.


Yeah but the thing is, competition for spots is tight now. If you have a down week and calibre to come in, you may be unlucky

He might stay in im not sure. Personally id cannon bags and ham will be dropped, but it could well be ham and parish for zaka and Smith. Be interesting to see which way they go


I don’t agree with that at all.

We are building a premiership team and that means keeping consistency within the lineup and trying to execute the game plan as a whole.

Bouncing players out of the side might get an immediate reaction at first but it doesn’t help with what’s more important which is character.

He just has to work harder. He’s not a kid anymore.


Okay, who are you dropping for smith and zaka?


Ham is the obvious one. He’s been on the list two minutes and had his first crack which is all you can expect. He will be back.

The second spot will most likely come down to Guelfi or Parish but I don’t see how that can help Parish when he’s already played VFL this year.


So, you are agreeing with me that it may be parish. Lol. It will probably be one of them though yeah.

It may not be too. They both deserve a game ahead of bags, its so fkn obvious that it should be bags because he is literally the most ineffective player at the moment. But i dont reckon it comes down to who’s played VFL or not. Guelfi was really good yesterday too, probably better than darcy


I think given the game Guelfi played and given that Baguley has been just going it should be:

In: Zaka, Smith
Out: Ham, Bags

Guelfi plays the harassing half forward role. He’s quick enough,he tackles hard. There’s no reason why he can’t do as good a job and if needed can join the mid rotation at times.


Parish should never have come back into the team in my opinion.

I said it at the time that if you get dropped you need to do 4-6 games at VFL and then get an extended run at AFL level.

I hate seeing players that are in their 3rd or 4th years getting bounced. I don’t think that philosophy has produced anything more than fringe players.


I’d keep parish over Myers in the team.


I would too but we just know that will never happen


I know


Unfortunately I am expecting him to be dropped.

Id still drop baguely first, and defintely myers before him who was about as equally bad as darce yesterday.

But yeah guelfi was too good to drop and therefore I expect parish is a goner.


myers baguley.



His kicking was pretty bad and it’s a real possibility with two senior mids coming back that he may miss. However what I’ve seen over the past few weeks his running ability and positioning especially when playing half forward/ outside has been great so it may save him.


Was it? Can’t say I noticed being neither here nor there


People will notice the howler and ping his skills on that one kick. Then they ignore the bullet pass onto the chest of the leading forward.

He is not an elite kick but his disposal isn’t as bad as people will make out at times.

He certainly wasn’t at his best yesterday but after two very good weeks that is going to happen, it happens to all young players and quite a few old players. You can’t be in the best every single week. He wasn’t the worst player out there. He just needs to find a way to lesson the worst games so that he is a more consistent player. That takes time and experience though.


wait til dylan clarke comes in, he looks like hes in pain when he kicks.