#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


Will be a little nervous this week, that turnover at half back that had Woosh with his head in his hands and some other dropped marks & poor use might see him in the gun with Zaka and Smith back.

Especially as Guelfi ripped it up and is better outside player than Parish and Ham was a freak show with his running and pressure on debut

Pies have Phillips as elite endurance running winger so if we wanted to set Ham a task we could.


The problem with his kicking is not just his execution, which is erratic, but decision making also. Feel he chooses the wrong option by foot too often.

By contrast he’s great with his hands and I’d be happier if his option is to dispose by hand.

He’s an interesting case. When he’s good he’s great, as he was a couple of weeks ago, but then he has those performances where he bombs. In a dominant team yesterday I thought he was one of our poorer players.

Needs some consistency and I think it’s a combination of getting his head right and playing within his limitations.


I didn’t think he was that bad… He made a couple of mistakes but was right back into the thick of it to try to make up for it.
I would be very disappointed if he was dropped…


One thing he needs to do is simply find more of it. These 16-18 possesion games are not good enough

He needs to be finding it mid 20s most weeks


I disagree strongly that his decision making is a concern. I’d argue it’s one of his best traits especially when it comes to a really quick decision is required and right up there with others at the club.


I know it’s not how we roll, but it might be worth considering finding a team that wants the kind of player he is instead of trying to turn him into the kind of player we want.


Parish has never been an elite kick.

Up the ground I’d say he was AFL average, with a tendency to bite off a bit too much.

When in the forward half, I’d say he is an above average kick especially when compared to some of his more experienced teammates.


We just have to accept that he’s going to be nothing more than a solid player and that’s not a bad thing.


That will simply never happen


No, ‘we’ really don’t, Nino. You may, though. :wink:

The peak age for footballers is usually in the 23-27 year-old bracket, so I am happy to back the kid in. 2 more years of development and I reckon he will be an inside beast.


Pick 2 out of Bags/Guelfi/Parish/Ham


Yeah he got into good spots. Just didn’t do much when he was there.


What do I win?


Parish is a great kick. He can kick really well with his left foot too. Certainly couple of those turnovers are from fatigue maybe.

I can live with good players occasionally making a couple of mistakes, like Heppell or Shiel for example. Another is McKenna…he is elite. But he does turn it over from kick ins. I can live with it. There is no reason to harp on about it.

It is those older players who have kept better younger players out, that makes me infuriated when they turn it over.


…in his best position, which is “rover” in the old language. But who could he displace in the midfield?


im a massive Darcy “Darcy Parish” Parish fan, he is not a great kick.


He is in the same dilemma as last year. He is a good inside mid and he is average away from the contest. He needs to be good enough to either push out one of our primary mids or he needs to continue to improve outside game. He is improving though, just had a poor night.


I wouldn’t mind seeing him getting some of Myers’ onball time. And it wouldn’t kill Zaka to spend some more time on the wing rather than crashing in at the stoppages. But it’s not a matter of Parish going into the middle and someone else disappearing from there never to be seen again. It’s a matter of giving him some more roving time in the rotation.

He’s already playing, we might as well use the bloke.


A bag of ham


Had a poor game, but need to back him in.