#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


Oh well then, while I’m at it, starting on the wings:
McKenna x 17
Not Visible* x 10
Ham x 11
McGrath x 5
Guelfi x 4
Heppell x 3
Parish x 3
Shiel x 1
Fantasia x 1
Saad x 1

*Because we set someone up on the back corner of the square, they weren’t normally visible when we were kicking to the right of screen. Judging from who was positioned there when we were kicking the other way, I’d guess these are almost all McKenna


Great work.

That’s really poor given up till that game I think Parish averaged the highest centre clearances for us per game.


You have to rotate 30 plus players to be any chance at the business end of the season. Our game is all about hi intensity run share bounce swamp the opponents with options and numbers. Rest, injuries, game days break, work load management is a very big deal. We are finally developing a truly interchangeable mid field with 7/8/9 players available to play there. When push comes to shove it’s vital to have your elites fresh and motoring. Someone is going to be unhappy!!


Yep. Rutten’s influence


We won’t know until the team is named, and how they play on Thursday.

We effectively rested Smith. And arguably were conservative with Zaharakis. Perhaps we determined that Parish would have an outside week this week.

Of course, if they drop him off of that performance, then the above thought has no merit.


Good point. But really he should be having as much centre stoppage opportunities as Heppell and Myers. Which would make him top 3-5 after the 2 guns.


McKenna was on the wing almost 27 times, and the other wingman was there only at least 29 times?

That sounds like a permanent wingman.

(Not sure if you did the maths and agree with that conclusion. I don’t think he was permanently there. And screw you @barnz – even if I agree with you.)


Oirish is a natural attacking wingman for mine, not a mid-sized defender.


Yeah, definitely seemed to be McKenna’s spot if he’s on the field (when visible is was always McKenna except for once at the opening bounce, and once it was Saad).


He had two really good games and one bad one and you are calling him out for it. He has Heppell (26 & 156), Zerrett (23 & 103), Shiel (26 & 135), Smith (25 & 109), Zaka (29 & 191), Myers (29 & 106) all in the same position as him, all older and more experienced. Parish is 21 with 55 games, as a reference Clayton Oliver is also 21 and has played 60 games so he isn’t really missing too many games.

He isn’t cementing his place in and under because he is not really being played in that position. At the TAC he was averaging 28 disposals with an average of 16 contested. He knows how to get the ball and was highly rated for it. I assume that he is being taught a more wider game than solid centre because the coaches think we already have enough inside players

In 2 years I expect him at their level, if not then you can say he has not worked.


It would be interesting to see if McKenna starts on the wing as much when Zaharakis plays.



Some great posts here.

I reckon we are also a bit harsh on Parish. Just cause a guys a high draft pick we think he is gonna be a super star. He needs to play his role & will get better for the run.

Agree that our defending on kick outs is terrible. They were able to go right up the guts without being touched.

If we can sustain the pressure during the Pies game we are a real chance.


So Parish only started wing/midfield 25% of the time. I wonder what the statistical output would be if it was above 50%?
Before the game I thought he would be used more in the middle with smith and Zaka out but they seemed to go with Merrett, Heppell and Shiel more time. Things may change over the next 3 weeks with a 6 day break this week and then Geelong and Sydney within 5 days. Will they share the load or go with selected group each week?




That is absolutely slanderous.

My keyboard’s green.


missing the R & B of RGB?


I love the experts on here.

Coaches are wrong for not putting him in the midfield more, even though our midfield absolutely destroyed North and effectively won us the game? Right.

Or maybe players are being managed over a very difficult period with tough games and lots of travel, and based on what match ups benefit the side most at centre bounces? Or maybe his role is to start outside but work up into the middle after the clearance?

I like Darcy. I think he’s one of the guys that is consistently clean in traffic, tries to take the game on, has good hands and puts his head over the ball, but to suggest coaches have “got it wrong” when we absolutely smashed North is pretty fkn stupid.


For 10 years it was “hope Watson wins the clearance and gets it out to Stanton”. Now we actually have a number of quality mid options.

And not by accident either, the coaches have methodically developed a lot of these guys.


Yep… and I think we actually have the luxury of managing some of the players now too. We basically just worked the same 4-5 guys into the ground over the last decade but now have a lot of rotations able to go through the middle.

Shiel has been having some dominant first halves and then… doesn’t start the third quarter in the centre. We’ve got to keep the team fresh until September, which means the likes of Parish will get their chances when it suits, till then he’s just got to play a role.


I think Parish should be played at more clearances because that seems to be where he plays his best footy. If the coaches are managing him, and he plays more in the middle as other players get rotated around, then that will play out in the next couple of months.

If they are developing him in some way that’s unintuitive to me, then ok. If they’re right, and I’m wrong, it’ll play out in the next year or so. No problem.

But if they keep playing him away from his best position, and then keep dropping him for being a worse than average HFF, then that feels like mismanagement to me.

Like you say, I think he is clean in traffic, takes the game on, has good hands and puts his head over the ball. I just also think those attributes are best served at clearances.