#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


I get that and agree to a large extent, but what I’m saying is… I play my best footy in the forward pocket, should I be recruited and we drop Orazio for me?

The coaches got our midfield 200% right and have done for the past three weeks. Parish may play his best footy in the midfield, but for the team, that’s not his best position right now. I am pretty sure it’s going to end up being he gets more time through there but it depends on workloads and match ups more than anything.


He and Brown need to bulk up more, right?


We’d all love for parish to consistently get 25+ and hit the scoreboard. And I believe if he was playing as a main man mid, he’d probably be doing that. And we, as a result, wouldn’t be questioning whether he was worth pick 5.

The simple reality is that all our onballers can’t be winning that much footy. Even McGrath, who was a ball magnet as an underager (averaged 32 in his TAC cup year) is getting low 20s this year. Granted he’s been mighty damaging of late with that amount of ball.

Sure, when Parish gets the chance to kick we’d like him to be a little more incisive. But when he wins the ball in tight he is clean and generally pretty creative with the handball. He’s currently a role player in our midfield. Which is no shame.

What’s the perfect balance of roles with Shiel, Heppell, Merrett, Parish, McGrath etc. I don’t know. But if we’re winning, and they’re all contributing to the winning, there’s a fair chance it’s all part of being a good midfield. Of which Parish is a part.


Yeah, I agree with that. I think the much starker example of this is Francis. I love him. But can’t reasonably see how he gets into the team. I think as rule though, having top rated, talented and young players either playing in the twos or having their confidence beat up playing them out of position sucks. There is probably a bigger conversation to be had about list management there.

But based on the list above of players going through the midfield, I’d rather Parish have a turn over Tippa and Fantasia at least. That said, if we win by 10 goals every week, the coaches are welcome to do whatever they like. Including giving you a turn in the pocket.


Agree with all of that.

I do think there’s a case to be made for managing players’ positions differently though. If McGrath spends more time in the backline, Tippa and Fantasia don’t go to any clearances, and even Smith starts a few more forward of centre, those positions are stronger for it. If Parish is a good midfielder but not at the standard as a HFF, isn’t there a case to be made for him getting more cycles through the middle and some of the others staying put? McGrath has the flexibility to do both, Parish doesn’t. I think we could utilise some of that flexibility to help everyone fit.


I’ve just written something similar in the Francis thread about my favourite red head!


Parish shanked a kick. It cost us a goal. It happens.
His kicking is generally pretty good. Not elite, but good.
His hands are elite. I reckon he is the most creative with his hands since Jobe. And super quick. Some of his handballs over the back, or to someone in space on the side have been awesome the past few weeks, including Friday.

I doubt he is going to be dropped again this year. Hopefully never again.

I expect he will have a strong game on Thursday.

These next 2 weeks will be a great test


Great work to beat 3 opponents to get the ball to Guelfi who passed to Brown for that goal deep in the pocket in the 3rd.


Agree. It happened at least 3 times in the first half. Once Nth got the initial possession from the long direct kick in, they had space and run into the space around their forward 50 for the next.
The solution is fairly obvious. Once we see a long kick in up the middle leave the boot, one of our zone not in play (eg wing area) should immediately head back to cover the space deep behind our zone ie around opposition 50m line to prevent a long kick over the back.


Darcy being omitted is seriously farked up. This boy will leave the Bombers at the end of the year…put the house on it !!! And Baugley stays W T F


It was the right call to make. You can’t play him most other areas on the ground other than inside mid. I would prefer to give him a run in there for more than half a game but the coaches are obviously trying to teach him to be more versatile.


If he asks for a trade the pick we get in return we will trade it for an inside bull

Trade the pick for Will Brodie or Brayden Sier


If he was good enough he would be in the team.


If that’s the case, we botched the pick.

Either way, there’s cause to be salty.


The clanger alone was reasonable grounds for omission.


Only if you throw a tantrum without thinking about the development of a player. Parish is still young and developing, not all top 10 picks are great players from the start, some take longer and Parish is one of those. He has the skills required just needs to add more strings to his bow.


Parish wasn’t amazing last week but he shouldn’t have been dropped imo given his body of work over the past month.

There are others who Are guaranteed selection despite output and that’s what frustrates. Baugley was terrific last year but based on output I’m not convinced he should be in.

Pleasing to see Redman and Ridley in but the handling of some of our youth continues to puzzle me.


hope you haven’t heard any concerning whispers W_D.


Not yet but something is bound to give at some point if this continues - parish, Francis and Langford (Laverde little different given he is returning from injury).

Rival clubs are definitely sniffing contract or not.


Shocking he was dropped, his output is significantly greater than other players (Baguely). Yet is also matching Myer for midfield output.

Very harsh and IMHO a poor selection which will result in ramifications down the track.