#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


Yeah look I haven’t watched either of them at vfl level enough to offer anything of value.

I do know Clarke destroyed Cripps on the weekend and that is good enough for me


Hasn’t Sier been injured for a chunk of this year?


Fark yeah



It begins


He’s basically Fantasia when it comes to being able to be fit enough to play every week


Clarke and Parish will make our midfield infinitely better. Hepp is better suited to HBF or Wing, Zaka HFF wing, if we leave the ball hunters like Shiel, McGrath, Parish, Clarke etc in the midfield we will do a crap load better.


Sign them up - important that these young guns stay on and build something special.


I’m pretty confident he will stay with us. You see the way he plays, the way he gets around his teammates when they kick goals, the joy when he kicks a goal himself. I’m a big fan of what he’s producing right now.


So, he’s waiting later in the season before beginning talks on a new contract? What is that about? It’s reasonable to think, if he’s staying, something would’ve been agreed to by now. Unless, he’s trying to up his market value? BUT, history tells us, whenever a player holds off talks they’re seriously entertaining offers from rival club/s. Some weeks ago Darc said he wanted to stay but wasn’t overly convincing…


Started the year fringe best 22 but might end up in our top ten.

I’d hold of contract talks too, big difference in contracts,


He’s just hit a patch of great form. His manager would tell him to build on it over the second half of the season to increase his value before re-signing. Very standard for somebody in Darcy’s situation. I’d say the club will put him on another 2 year extension later in the season. In 2 years time if he turns out to be a superstar they’ll have cap space from guys like Hooker and Zaka nearing the end.


Club has been brilliant at keeping the group together - and has finally landed a “big fish”. No reason to think we will suddenly have an exodus.


Other teams hearing that Parish is not contracted for next year.


Callum Twomey says: Darcy Parish has proven two things to Essendon in the past fortnight: that he’s best suited playing as a ball-winning midfielder.

Callum Twomey has proven two things to me:

  1. He reads Bomber Blitz. Many on this forum have been saying this since 2017.
  2. Woosha has other priorities, or did until about 2 weeks ago.


What’s the second thing?


That may also be Darcy comparing the Meerkat


It’s a seller’s meerkat…


Callum has been driving Darcy’s bandwagon since before he was drafted, pretty sure he developed a good relationship with Darcy if not his family too.


Just ■■■■■■■ NO