#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


It’s ok Deck. You can admit it.
What happens on blitz stays on blitz.


No, when it comes to genitals, my only speculations are just how many there are that can type on this forum :slight_smile:


How high can you count?


I told you not to call me that.


Must be my Qld accent


Cornes really is an a grade peanut


He is looking silly now.


To be fair, 2 weeks ago, many thought the same thing!


I’ve thought Cornes was a peanut for years, who are these people who have only just realised…?


The new Chinese fans


Cornes would no doubt love Port to snag Francis for cheap.


Oliver was singled out yesterday as the player most likely to transfer pressure from himself to a team mate with those stupid hand balls.


Yep. He had 33 disposals and only 54m gained.


When we played them earlier in the year I was actually thinking this exact same thing,

he had a bit of the ball but almost every possession were cheap touches like little handballs that didn’t hurt us in any way shape or form.


Like Melbourne this year, Oliver has gone backwards.


If we are counting “Calling All Station” (which maybe we shouldn’t) he was born about a month earlier


Love em more than @up_up @BAAKKEERRRR :laughing:


Very sad news. Might have to put a “4” in front of my son’s guernsey number now.


Anyone concerned about Darc, read this:


24 year old???