#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


Darcy is 21 you farkwit journo!


We’re also not playing Hawthorn tonight. Lay off the pipe “Glenn”.

But thanks for posting. This is great to read!


Being dropped ‘aged’ him. :laughing:


Confirmed. He’s gone.




same same

but different

edit pls stay darc pls


Yeah but I don’t think Darcy has close to a million in gambling debts that another club president would be willing to pay off?


So what you’re saying is that the Parish developed a gambling problem while he was stuck on the forward flank and is now getting traded to Collingwoid?


They write it that way because it’s for tomorrow’s paper, but as I’m writing this after midnight… we are playing Hawthorn tonight!





Haha, i know. Surely if they’re uploading the article on a Friday they could change that one sentence.


None of us realised how much the club has held him back. He’s prematurely aged!


Folk pore over these articles looking for the slightest slip up.

“… I’ve really enjoyed my time here and I’ve learnt so much from the relationships I’ve been able to build…”

Past tense. He’s gone.


Fkn typical! Can’t believe Woosha treated him so badly and he hates the club as a result!


To be pedantic, “have + past participle” is present perfect simple tense.

Unfortunately, it still means that he’s going. If he was intent on staying, he’d have used present perfect continuous, e.g. “I’ve really been enjoying my time here…”

Must be because he spent those years from 21 to 24 languishing in the forward pocket.


Leaving aside the “pedantic” stuff ( and thanks for that, I forgot the finer points over the last 65 years ) if he said:

“… I’m really enjoying playing at Essendon and I’m learning so much from the relationships am building…”

There would be less ambiguity. But as we know most footy players do not have a PhD in English semantics.


21, Given what we’ve seen from him over the last few weeks it is pretty exciting to consider the player he’d be when he’s 24.


So is geelong :wink:


Sounds like those kowtowing plonkers Woosha and X have created a pretty good environment for young footballers at the Club.

Of course some will continue to announce that Woosha looks disengaged and is not in it for the long haul whilst X only cares about generating profits.