#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish



Hard to reconcile the “Woosha is stuffing around all the youngsters” line with all the youngsters continually opting to stay, even when they’re not playing seniors (or not in their preferred roles).

Maybe having a consistent plan, to steadily work on, is not actually as bad as Blitz would have it.


Geelong are heavily into Coniglio,
Parish is only a backup plan for them.




Don’t forget Jackets, who only recruits kids from “good” families.


Funny how fast news travels to some of the most remote parts of Australia. There’s a network of sources out there somewhere !


@Humble_NSW_Fan is one of my sources.

Make of that what you will.


Starting to really come on now. Gaining confidence.


Meh he wasn’t that good…

In all seriousness, he was working very hard in the first half but wasn’t racking up the stats, but he was doing a lot right. 3rd he got right on top and was part of the Zerrett lead domination.


Them kicks was slick


There is just the slightest hint of B Cousins in how he moved around the stoppage.
Always on the move, always creating. Loves the 1-2 handball, receive and deliver. Genuine class.


This time last year BT and all the other commentators probably didn’t even know who he was.

He’s now a champ. Please stay.


Has gone another level since he got a decent haircut.


That set shot goal was a ripper. I never expect an Essendon player to kick those 50/50 set shots.


Just play him in the guts.


and pass up an opportunity to bring up mick whatever at the geelong falcons football bactory?


So glad we picked this guy over Oliver!


No way is he signing any time soon. Contract value climbing by the week!


Really developing well. Terrific contribution tonight , like previous weeks.
He will be awesome at this rate of improvement in a short time - another year or two.


loved his interview with BT too, genuine character and it’s good seeing him so at home with his teammates


I reckon the ‘Darcy has signed an extension’ contract news will hit the airways very soon. IMO.